Zombie Step Aerobics Workout– Jenny Ford

Download for .95 http://www.jennyford.com/downloads/zombie-step-aerobics/ Step workout- so easy even a zombie could do it! 3 great combos with a warm-up an…

Learn how to do the Mambo move in this free instructional video lesson on basic step aerobic exercise and routines. Expert: Alice J. Monsaert Bio: Alice J. M…

30 thoughts on “Zombie Step Aerobics Workout– Jenny Ford”

  1. Jenny, please keep including the timer in future workouts, it is unique, I
    have not seen it in any other workout video so far. It just crossed my mind
    that you are the only trainer yet who does not wear skimpy clothes while
    working out and I love that 🙂 I workout with your videos at least 3 times
    a week, I think I have transitioned from a beginner to intermediate level,
    I am finding it easier these days to keep up with you.

  2. I wanted to see more videos on basic step or step with weights. Videos for
    advanced for me too heavy. I can not keep up with you. Will there be more
    videos of the basic step? I love step aerobics! You are great! I practice
    with you from 2 months :)

  3. Thank you for replying. I love your work I really do. I appreciate you
    taking the time to respond to me.

  4. Oh wow, thanks so much Panbanessha! Really appreciate your support! HAPPY
    HALLOWEEN to you too! LOL, those zombies really enjoyed faceplanting–so
    funny! So happy you enjoyed !

  5. Guilia Maria Arru, you are sure welcome! So happy you enjoy my workouts!
    Thanks for your support!

  6. Nekane Cortes, Wow! Todo el camino desde España! Muchas gracias por
    ustedes, amables palabras. Tan feliz que haya disfrutado de mi

  7. Blima Spetner, thank you for the feedback, really appreciated it! Exercise
    ADD, lol, that’s cute! My zombies were my children and a few of their
    friends. A mom with 4 boys, trust me, they had a BLAST!!!

  8. me ha gustado mucho la clase de hoy y perfecto para este día, 🙂 saludo
    desde España 🙂

  9. I downloaded this from your site yesterday and did it today (of course –
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!). Had a little trouble concentrating sometimes because of
    the zombies faceplanting it into the lawn. Big fun – I loved it.

  10. Giulia Maria Arru

    Absolutely great!! thanks for all these new workouts you’re releasing I’m a
    big fan of yours!!!

  11. I enjoyed the idea. The moves were a bit too repetitive for my exercise
    ADD. Maybe add more moves and cut down the repetition? Also who were your
    zombies? Very cute

  12. ha ha taseronify! that’s funny! Glad you enjoyed the zombies…. I thought
    they were pretty funny too!

  13. Thanks for the great instruction. Finally something slow enough I think I
    can actually internalize and practice at the same time! I’m a PE teacher
    and will be teaching mostly aerobics so I’m sure my classes will appreciate
    these steps!

  14. Thank you for the instructional video! I am just learning step and the
    class goes really fast so it helps a lot to see the moves explained! Thanks

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