Zions Step Aerobics — Jenny Ford

Download for .95: http://www.jennyford.com/downloads/zions-national-park-step-workout/ Squeeze in a simple but fun 30 min. step workout using my NEW % time…
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30-min Step Workout: Lean Arms Lean Legs with the Journey Gym

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 thoughts on “Zions Step Aerobics — Jenny Ford”

  1. Mita M, oh that is great! I understand about wanting fresh workouts, keeps
    it fun that way! I’ve had tons of feedback about the % timer, people really
    LOVE it! I can really believe you are addicted to Step, so am I!!! So I am
    pleased you are liking it so much. YAY!!! Also appreciate your feedback, as
    always. Will keep that in mind for future, to add more lower body… good
    suggestion! Anyway, you are welcome as always!

  2. Did this yesterday, loved it, I like to try new ones everyday. Also love
    the % timer, what a great idea. Believe it or not, now I am addicted to
    step aerobics. I also like strength training, so the videos with weights
    included are my favorites. I could be wrong but somehow I feel you
    concentrate more on upper body when it comes to strength training. I hope
    you come up with a video with more emphasis on the lower body, especially
    hips, butt and thighs. Thank you for all the wonderful videos.

  3. Hi Cassie Hub, thank you so much! AWESOME!!!! So glad you were able to keep
    at it, and get it done. Really appreciate your feedback! New step workout
    should be ready for me to post in a few days. πŸ˜€

  4. Thank you for responding to both my posts!! That’s awesome! Not many people
    do that anymore! You just went even higher in my book and you were already
    very high πŸ™‚

  5. Jenny! I just love your workouts.. I watched this yesterday to get a feel
    for it.. Totally thought I was going to have to stop and take a breath but
    I didn’t.. Worked right through. Sweating like crazy now! What a great
    workout.. Thank you!

  6. Thanks Gail! Good to know you like the 30 min. length too. Always good to
    have options depending on the day, right?

  7. This was a great workout! I really liked the % timer. My kids kept saying,
    “You’re ‘blank’ percent done!” And I LOVE that you had your little one with

  8. Hi Das, oh this is great! I wish you could come to one of my step classes
    too, it would be SOOOO fun! I am so happy to help you stay motivated to
    exercise– truly it is my pleasure! πŸ˜€

  9. This is absolutly great !!! I did it today…and I’m always astonished in
    how many different ways you compose the basic steps to a new combo !!! It’s
    never a boring workout with you, seriously !!! My little favorite one is
    the “3 turn step- squat” thing of the second combo : very nice !!! Wish I
    could attend one of your step class, meet you in person and give you a big
    hug. Thanks, Jenny for being such a good motivator for me so I can stay on
    the ball with my everyday workout. Bye!

  10. Jojo, thank you very much! Always appreciate you feedback, and take it all
    into account. Thanks for continuing to workout with me. =D

  11. Laura, that is so perfect! Way to go on getting a workout in, even with a
    busy day! You are so cute, ‘Queen of step’– just LOVE it!!! Thanks Laura!

  12. Hello Everyone πŸ™‚ If you are looking to be the best you can be then you
    will Love our channel! We are Raw Vegans Breaking all kinds of stereo types
    using revolutionize new kind work out with the “Bar System” You wont regret
    checking us out! Awesome uploads Jenny Ford your an inspiration!

  13. Another great workout and just the right amount. I didn’t have as much time
    to workout today and I was very excited you had another short version of
    your step workouts. I love the new steps you added into this one. They were
    not hard and a lot of fun!!!! I think you should be called the Queen of

  14. Julie Catalasan

    This is my favorite step workout! I love the cardio and strength all in one
    workout and you cue perfectly! I was never lost. But those push ups- wow, I
    gotta work on those.

  15. Perfect! I love when the step instructor is ON BEAT! A lot are either
    behind or in front of the beat and it throws me off but this was perfect!
    Perfect intensity and not too complicated!

  16. I am a very late comer to step work-outs so I’m still trying to just figure
    the steps out, but I got a lot out of this workout even though I had to
    stop, rewind and just watch a few of the moves. Thanks!

  17. Dana Lee Chapman

    that’s why I call my channel REALfit πŸ˜‰ fitness comes in all shapes &
    sizes!!! THAT is real fitness!

  18. I LOVE that there is a more zoftig woman who is obviously IN SHAPE in this
    video. Thank you! I just re-started my workouts at 53 years old and 40
    pounds more than my mid-30’s when I was last in rally good shape. I am
    going to use this one for a while!

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