Zen – Principles and Practices (Enhanced version)

This Documentary is all about rinzai zen and Zen in common. It will give you a bit of insight how Zen is lived in a strict monastery order and how it influen…
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  1. An documentary about Rinzai Zen, for the curious minds that wonder how is
    to be in a Japanese Rinzai Zen monastery.
    The documentary is digitized from a VHS, but is still very watchable,
    taking into consideration that this kind of material is rare to find in

  2. Anton Pictures

    “Zen no sekai” (1986)
    a.k.a. “In the World of Zen” (1986)
    Documentary [1 h 0 min]
    Yoshio Kaneuchi
    IMDb rating: Unknown; awaiting five votes

  3. NangongReng1973

    Nowadays people go to Facebook, Twitter to communicate . Without them,
    they will find life very uncomfortable. I was wondering whether people of
    this era could cope with just a few days of simple life the monks were

  4. Gautama practised about 6 years, he become a live Buddha. Buddhist monks
    have his method. They practice for long time but the couldn’t become alive
    Buddha . WHY? Buddhism is made by man.

  5. The music sounds like John Cage’s aleatoric music played with traditional
    Japanese instruments. Who did it? Composed and performed.

  6. “Zen teaches that Buddha is inside the mind of each of us, not outside”

    He says as they approach a “Master” and seek approval that they’re not
    “straying from the correct path”. 

  7. “Zen is a religion that can produce beauty and become beauty.”

    That is the perfect quote to end this video because it clearly explains the
    formlessness of Zen. Things can exist and yet has no form. Zen produces
    itself, the circle found in Zen drawings.


  8. stop being so smart, and appriciate the documentary and stay in awe, like
    you got all the answers of buddha. smh

  9. Way too ritualistic and so many rules over mundane movements. NOT what
    Buddhism is about. Is there any Zen buddhist who is enlightened? Doubt it.

  10. zen in the woods

    yes visit an american zen master check out my youtube channel or our new

  11. Thank you so much for restoring this film. It shows the way Zen is
    practised in the pure tradition very well. I pray that the tradition may
    survive for the welfare of sentient beings for countless eons without
    diminution or lessening of the arduous task of training. May it give us a
    wonderful sangha for a long time.

  12. My liking for a certain type of music has brought me to research the
    findings of ZEN’s – Principles & Practices (P&P). Although this
    documentary is based P&P’s, I was very intrigued about the part of the Five
    Shades of Black and White Art in which really represents the five
    states/levels of consciousness. This type of art is mostly found your
    typical Asian restaurants/Chinese foods. I was always drawn to it as well
    as the music. When it is meant for you to know states of consciousness
    practices, it comes to you in many ways and no matter which way you turn it
    keeps coming at you. Via through time, music, art or documentaries, a
    phrase, or a person ect…. There’s no escaping it.
    To adapt….slowly processing detachments is the only option. 

  13. Seth Bromberg

    I could use some “training in concentration”

    Documentary on Rinzai Zen Buddhism from the 80s

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