Zen – Introduction to zen practice / full version – Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi

Zen Meditation Breathing subtitles:Danish,English, French,German,Hungarian,Spanish please, turn on caption! A short film for beginners about zen meditation b…

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  1. Je rencontre un Maître du Zen Soto lundi prochain pour la première fois.
    Je gage que celà soit un tournant majeur dans mon existence.
    En attendant, je glane des informations tant que possible .
    Merci beaucoup pour ce partage, qui me conforte dans cette Voie.
    Les explications sont très claires.
    Merci beaucoup à Shodo Harada Roshi pour ses éclaircissements généreux.
    Mes meilleurs voeux vous accompagnes en cette nouvelle année.

  2. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE!

    miracles reported recently all over the USA Canada Brazil Iceland Mexico
    and the world (divine love slowly taking over all things, accounts of world
    peace, mystical experiences, lack of suffering, happiness)

    thank you Happy Mothers Day *best gift for a mother*

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  4. Full lotus posture blocks blood flow in my left leg. Don’t know what to do.
    Leg feels pressured.

  5. Mayyim Ruach Hayyim


    Erki Anne .. the leprechaun was leading all the old people back into the
    world of children… she found that the magical creatures were bored even
    though they were in a fantasy world.. the humans were bored even though
    they were in a free happy world.. the drawings were bored.. mostly just
    because they were made on top of the boards themselves. At each level,
    beings were bored, and they believed the beings on the next level up had
    what they lacked.. but they really all had the same thing. Erki Anne led
    them back to appreciation… their minds opened again like children and
    they were able to pretend.. to fly to marvel at stupid and simple things…
    and they were able to be cared for by immortal parent archetypes and the
    end of end adventure… who fashioned life as a school… they all really
    just wanted that… they woke from their troubles.. and appreciated the
    wonders around them. No one has to leave childhood. Thats why God and
    Goddess exist… they make all our lives a school and keep the tragedies at
    bay. They just want us to learn. Feel the innocence… feel the absurdity
    of seriousness washed away… they were just hippy children. They didnt
    know how all the gagdets worked they just inherited them… they felt good
    to have their masks washed away from them.. out of the world of social
    anxieties… into the world of the japanese… in japan they were happy, no
    one tried to force them to lose innocence.. they lived in the shinto
    shrines.. with the original face. japan is where they all reunite on the
    way to a mature life… to realize its not so extreme up there… its just
    the spirit of the child… everything is just more flexible… but its the
    same format… its more flexible.. so it doesnt hurt when you fall… you
    are flexible. Never change the format, just see that parents are more than
    just bodies but an energy that can be found in a tree or river even sun or
    stars… so can friends. Take these ideas that life needs to be so
    extremely different from your original peace and toss it away… instead
    see the world teaching you more and yourself still as the child, but just
    more lucid. With their parent spirits there, everyone is calmer this is how
    they make peace in japan, this is the secret to asian way of life.. you can
    be a child but immortal and learn all the way.. you can be innocent but
    still connected to the complex gifts of nature.. dont feel like you have to
    lose innocence, and you wont be driven from home. This gift is taught
    periodically to every generation by the earth…


  6. Mayyim Ruach Hayyim

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  7. Zen – Introduction to zen practice / full version – Taigen Shodo Harada

    Taigen Shodo Harada Roshi aborde ici les prémices à la pratique de zazen :
    posture et réspiration. 

  8. I am really grateful for Mr.Roshi’s teachings! Once you link your body and
    your mind then you will be in a calmer state of life. We need to rest our
    minds because they are powerful things. I will definitely start practicing
    this method today =)

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