Youth Fitness Trainer – The Workout Kid Photos from 2010 Kid Fitness Trainer, Carlos Senter Jr., joins the fight against Childhood Obseity and Type II Diabetes with his “Smoking Hot” Kid Workout DVD. (Update) Just released… the Best Kid Fitness Video of the year.

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  1. Ok. 🙂 To me, though, it just looks weird. People who work out a lot end up with very thick necks, which are sometimes almost as wide as their head, and their bodies look unnaturally broad/thick which looks stocky. I don’t know why people believe that’s attractive, especially when people aren’t comfortable enough with just being healthy without trying to look like what they think is cool. Good health doesn’t require large bulky muscles.

    1. Lynn can’t wait for your next yin class you know they are my favorites. You aalyws seem to be in-tune with what I need. A sign of a good instructor and friend! Your style is unmatched a casual, inviting, open and fulfilling yoga experience. Thanks for sharing your talent. Hope to see you Saturday.Lizxo

  2. Oh, I wasn’t saying I’m attracted to healthy figures. I just don’t see bulky muscles as being attractive. Your right though, “Not defined,” and “To each his own.”. 🙂

  3. MrFitnesslover

    Moms, teach your toddlers the value of fitness at an early age. Buy them safe gym equipment replicas from WODtoys.

  4. UdNeedaMiracle

    I understand that CJ doesn’t use weights because he fears that it will stunt his growth. This is completely false. Study after study has proven that this is a false claim. Poor nutrition, steroids, and diseases stunt growth. Lifting can’t hurt him. The only way he could get hurt is lifting too heavy or incorrect form.. If you can’t do 5 reps with it, you are lifting too much weight! With parental supervision he could weight lift perfectly fine and he’d see rapid progress.

  5. CrazyRider1717

    is there a way to get this with out ordering it like at a store? please reply

  6. Ah I see. You find healthy figures attractive. Not defined. Its cool 🙂 To each his own. Or her own lol whichever you are

  7. More and more humans are obsessing with bodies looking unnaturally muscled. It doesn’t look natural so I don’t understand the appeal. Less appealing are people who think they’re hot because of it.

  8. I didnt really push this bc can’t risk drnopipg the weights at my gym. I faked myself out at 102 and got only 1 rep. Still sad bc pre injury PCs were up in the 120sWODL 4 rd + 2 pp; 67lb for the PC/PP. Knee PU. This wasted my upper body.

  9. JohnnyCreampuff

    Keep up the good work CJ as ambassador for childhood physical fitness. Lord knows, the youth of America needs a good kid role model!

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