Yoga World Champs – Bikram Standing Series Demonstration

Yoga World Champs - Bikram Standing Series Demonstration

2008 Bishnu Gosh World Cup Yoga Champions: Ball Rattanapong and Alisa Matthews. Alisa and Ball demonstrate Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Series at Bikram Yoga Rich…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 thoughts on “Yoga World Champs – Bikram Standing Series Demonstration”

  1. tailormadeitalia

    oh my god that is increadible …and I thought I was doing good….ohhh how
    far I have to go !!

  2. yogasportsfederation

    This is not the World Cup of Yoga is the international cup of yoga asanas

  3. KarenaKreations

    Yoga was never intended to be a competition against others, so never be
    impressed or depressed by anyone’s yoga skills and especially those whose
    bodies are naturally built to fold in any direction… it will only lead to
    disappointment in your yoga practice…be happy where you are and realize
    most people are not endowed with the “perfect” yoga body. Namaste.

  4. Milton J. Silva

    estes vidios säo censsacional eu adorei e recomendo as peçoas praticar
    estes e sercios !

  5. tailormadeitalia

    thank you , i have definately been doing yoga then and should keep at that
    and concentrate on improving me.

  6. cheezymouseful

    bitches… i’m kidding they are actually really nice in person. it’s
    awesome and motivating to see them really do these poses…

  7. @ Karena: I agree – yoga is non-competitive by nature. Everybody is their
    own champion!!! Absolutely no need to compare or judge. Yoga championships
    is a contradiction in terms!!!! Unfortunately there are many ‘yogis’ giving
    yoga a bad name and trying to make money out of an inherently peaceful,
    non-materialistic and life affirming practice. Shame.

  8. Sun Above the Clouds

    Very inspiring to see how easily they move into the postures. Both Ball and
    Alisa make it look effortless.

  9. Metis Fiddler Quartet Productions

    @MixedBag713 The beauty of yoga is to challenge yourself, therefore its
    hard for everybody.

  10. I wish women would realize that plain white bikini panties are actually the
    sexiest on Earth!

  11. Shes so frigging Hot, i wonder why she never reply to any of the comments
    ppl make here, anyway W/E, but she still looks desireable, good job

  12. I’ve always knew yoga was supposed to give you illumination. I just never
    knew it can give hard-on !!

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