Yoga Workout For the Ultimate Bikini Body | Class FitSugar

After a long week, you deserve 30 minutes all to yourself. For day four of our Bikini Body Countdown plan, we’ve enlisted the help of yogi Mandy Ingber. Much…
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25 thoughts on “Yoga Workout For the Ultimate Bikini Body | Class FitSugar”

  1. It kinda went too fast. I’m used to yoga with high intensity, but this
    hardly gave me time to know what position to transfer to. 

  2. Thankyou. I really enjoyed the intensity of this. And it was good that it
    moved fairly quickly because I could keep it in tune with my in/out breath
    when I was breathing heavier.

  3. I love this routine! I practice this one daily and it has definitely
    improved my leg strength and arms!
    One thing though, it’s missing an arm stretch at the end…. and that to me
    is the most vial missing part of this video since my arms are always the
    most worked after this video 😛 

  4. THAT WAS GREAT!!! Wow I feel so calm lol prob should’ve done this AFTER
    work instead of BEFORE but man that was amazing!! Great workout I am
    sweating hard, shoulders/abs/lowerback/chest all tight and burning. I will
    be def doing this again and PS any GUYS that thinks Yoga is for women…try
    this!! lol and Lebron James does yoga also btw

  5. Honeysuckle Catering

    Thanks for the great workout! I’m new to yoga, but the stretching
    completely helped me de-stress. :)

  6. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed this workout and great energy. loved the
    “commitment” comment. was perfect :)

  7. I like the workouts, but cannot stand these girls talking soo much. No need
    to make a comment about every move and ooh and aah. Especially in yoga.

  8. i don’t know i actually like the talking, it distracts from the intensity
    of some of the moves – like listening to music when i’m running makes it
    easier because i can block out my mind complaining about muscle pain or the
    half-mile still left to go :)

  9. Definitely got my heart rate up and i feel it in my arms and legs but i
    agree with a lot of people in the fact that she moves really quickly. One
    sec you’re up, then you’re down, all over the place. A nice workout though.
    Maybe I have to work up to be able to do this for the full 30mins

  10. I love yoga and this flow felt so good. I started doing yoga this year
    because of a video I saw on popsugar fitness, thanks!

  11. This was challenging and fast paced.. definitely a cardio like yoga and I
    feel my whole body being worked which is good. If you’re looking for a
    relaxing yoga, this isn’t it. You’re moving almost constantly. No pose was
    held for more than 10 seconds at the most. But this feels awesome!

  12. Way too fast to follow! Cuing isn’t very good either so you stand no chance
    of keeping up, by the time you’ve looked up to see what you’re meant to be
    doing, she’s moved on to something else. Such a shame as the production
    looked great!

  13. I feel AMAZING and I didn’t stop once, so proud. Thank you so much for one,
    making such an amazing video, two, being such lovely, kind women, three,
    making this a free video for anyone to enjoy. You truly are amazing
    POPsugar, and thank you Mandy I shall hopefully be buying that DVD of
    yours, I need a daily dose of you too!! 

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