Yoga Workout Beginners Lower Back Stretch Home Exercise Routine How To

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  1. absolutely incorrect, JC pennies catalogue’s are a little too old fashioned. I prefer Macy’s.

  2. xoxostr123rangexoxo

    i actually looked this up because i have lower back pain from training (martial arts)

    1. I did not like my instructor so I went to Target and got a YogaZone Strong and Healthy Back DVD and now I have a snrotg and healthy back no more chiro and no more problems. I also bought a kit that I highly recommend- Gaiam AM and PM yoga for beginners which came with a mat and a strap and it has been great. Really great. I got that at Target too for 30 smacks.

  3. There are also less public places to post these types of videos rather than on youtube. Furthermore, I’d be proud to say that I’d rather look at a JC catalog than at hardcore porn. I think this makes me LESS of a loser but – whatever. If you’re learning to do Yoga on youtube, it’s probably just a passing phase anyway so chill out.

  4. mmaarriiee1992

    downward dog hurts(stretches to far
    ) the back of my legs…what am I doing wrong???

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  6. You’re kind of a skanky bitch to be teaching yoga ain’t you? I thought yoga was about fuckable whores learning how to spread their legs for the large shit covered Yogi Bhajan cock.

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  7. i legit came to this video with honest intentions but your comment took my mind to a totally different place hahahaha, thanks

  8. i love it when yoga videos show us how to use blocks or cushions for us, beginners of yoga. it really helps, thanks

  9. Nikolov Borce

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  10. I have a herniated disc in my lower backand most of this is impossible for me. It’ painful.

  11. I like today’s workout (and I didn’t even fall aseelp today at gym). Aiste, 2 questions: Can you skip like the guy in the first video? Are we having a team workout this weekend?

  12. ThatGuyTheyareAfter

    do you remember the video that went viral last year of that ex-paratrooper who regained the ability to walk and run again un-aided with Diamond Dave’s yoga routine? as an experienced yoga practitioner I want to know your opinion about the efficacy and safety of yoga.

  13. HamayunFerdausi

    this dude is absolutely right. I don’t watch porn. Porn is wrong, and not sexy at all. Porn is disgusting. When you watch porn, you watch women being degraded to sex objects or animals, but watching a beautiful woman doing yoga on youtube is so much more relaxing to the mind, as a male this is my view of this.

  14. Maria Stauffer

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  15. First, I want to say that you have an amazing body. Secondly, this video was very helpful. Thank you very much. Subscribed.

    1. GO on ebay and look up Denise Austin. She is the queen of fitness and has awomese tapes out for yoga, pilates, and fat burning. There are so many to choose from. I say ebay because you can find a LOT of DVDs or VHSs for cheap usually. Denise Austin is in her 40 s and her body is better than most 20 year olds!!! She is a little wacky, but fun to work out with. She really gets you motivated and provides good tips!! Hope this helps!

  16. champdailey24

    Wake up most mornings and do these stretches.
    It has helped my back so much.

    Thanks Sonja!

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