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Yoga – Headstand Beginner – part of the women’s fitness video series by GeoBeats. Namaste. My name is Kim, and this is Kristin from the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City. We are going to show you a beginner variation of the headstand today. Some of the benefits of headstands: Headstand is considered a complete pose. The sanskrit name is sirsasana. It brings fresh oxygenated blood to the brain, the pineal and pituitary glands, rests the heart and also the veins in the legs. But it is really good for the entire body. OK. So, Kristin, can you please turn around and place your forearms on the floor close to the wall. So, you want to have your hands pretty close. That way when you go up you do not go into a big back-bend. Place the center of the top of the head down on the mat or a little bit toward the front of the head, never the back of the head. Elbows close together, no wider than the shoulders are. Tuck the toes under and lift the seat. From there walk the feet closer and closer to your body. Then see if you can just kick one leg up to the wall. Then the other. All right. Once you are up there, sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get the second leg up, but keep working on it, you may remain there. Close the eyes if you can, concentrating on the space between the eyebrows. To come out, lower one leg at a time down toward the mat. And rest in child’s pose. Slowly come up from there. Then you are ready to continue the rest of your practice.
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  1. It is not recommended to jumb into sirsasana. It should be done with control. Also, people with high blood pressure and cardiac problems should not practice it. People who have weak eye veins or pressure on the eyes should not practice this. Some yogis even mention that this should be practiced only by brahmacharyas.

  2. if you try some yoga, maybe you could release some of that anger you’re holding in.

  3. I find this postion easier to do when your bent over and you scoot your feet closer to your head which allows you to pretty much walk into the headstand

  4. KittyDreadful

    I tried this!!! It was really easy after you explained it!!! Thanks so much!!! But how can I be able to do it AWAY from the wall? :/

  5. i did it with my teacher’s help. totally refreshed after the headstand!!! but i’m trying my best to do it without help from others. it’s hard for me to get away from the wall. any suggestions

  6. We did this in yoga class a while ago but I was unable to do it as it was my first try. I have been practising at home and I have got the hang of it now. I have been incorporating it into my daily yoga routine and I really enjoy it! Hopefully one day I will be able to do it without a wall 🙂

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  8. Help me. I’ve tried this, but for some reason my legs feel heavy even though i’m skinny.
    I can’t even do the first step.

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