Yoga for Weight Loss Flow: 30 Minute Workout | Veria Living

In this 30 minute yoga flow, Sadie Nardini, star of Rock Your Yoga, gives yoga lovers a core strength workout that will help you lose weight both inside and out. This is a challenging workout that will transform your body, mind and spirit.

9 thoughts on “Yoga for Weight Loss Flow: 30 Minute Workout | Veria Living”

  1. I love Sadie Nardini! She understands that yoga is about the mind and not just about the body <3

  2. Hey there, have you tried “Belly Fat Blaze” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a useful free video. This helped Todd to reduce his tummy fat. I hope it works for you as well.

  3. PaMela Godswill

    Fantastic! I will be cking out more of your videos. This was so rewarding. Thanks.

  4. Love the yoga …thanks Sadie!.. just wish there was less going on in the background…it’s a little distracting

  5. good stuff!
    quick question, do i have to mix cardio with yoga in order to feel and see results? or is yoga enough?

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