Yoga For the Winter Blues – Yoga for Depression

Adriene guides this 30 min at home sequence for all levels. Yoga to Beat the Winer Blues is great for anyone who wants to stir up the energetic body and stre…

25 thoughts on “Yoga For the Winter Blues – Yoga for Depression”

  1. Thank you SO much! I love this <3 It really helped me today & i'll be using
    it more often xxx

  2. Here in south florida seasonal depression hits me in the summer. Great,
    gentle practice to perk me up. Really enjoyed it. ~Love and light~

  3. Stella Coulson

    Great video for these rainy cold morning here in Uk. Lifts the mood and a
    great wake-up for those sluggish mornings.

  4. This was just lovely. Thanks Adriene for all you great videos. They really
    make my lifes easier and help me find my self on a daily basis.

  5. ochgottnochma

    Wow, I just did my first Yoga following the video, I could barely lay
    straight on ground and lift my feet over me, because the spine pressure was
    kinda painful in center (not escaping to left/right side). After the video
    the position felt way more comfortable. :)

  6. Ariana Nelson

    Just found your Yoga videos. I really like the relaxing speed and movements
    and cannot wait to try them. 🙂 

  7. This was fantastic.
    exactly what I needed
    thank you so much! You’re videos really are great 🙂 namaste

  8. Hey Adriene! I was wondering if you could make a sequence for soreness. Or
    maybe not specifically for soreness but a sequence for post-workouts. I
    sometimes forget to stretch after runs and workouts and I become extremely
    sore the next day. I heard yoga was a good way to relax the muscles after
    working the body. Just a suggestion! Love what’s been coming this year!
    Super excited for more content

  9. Thank you Adriene for another great sequence.:) I actually have been
    feeling down lately and after this I feel so uplifted and energized. I am
    very grateful for you and having found your channel. <3 So thank you. 

  10. Thank you so much, that was great! Btw you havebeautiful toenails :).
    Gteetings from Switzerland

  11. this was awesome except when i had to rock back and forth, you know when
    you had to roll. I cant do it D’: I tried but it really hurts my back….
    🙁 other than that this was excellent! 

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