SEXY FITNESS BLOG: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: My name is Simona. I am a Czech Fitness Girl. Fitness is my passion. I am sharing my passion with you in my videos. I am training in the white, clear transparent beaches of Halkidiki, Greece. My videos are mostly from beach. Beach workouts, flexing, hot yoga, diet advice, some fun, learn basic czech language or even how to flirt. My beach workout focus on fitness boot camp training. I love Yoga so I am showing Yoga workouts. I also use, TRX, pink sandbag and kettlebells!

21 thoughts on “YOGA FOR STRETCHING!”

  1. HollanderT12345

    Is it in Greece always summer or something? I always see the sun shine in your videos!

  2. @CzechFitnessGirl lol I will wait sexy damn I wish you were in san diego I would take you out in a heart beat

  3. Can you show us how to put your legs behind your head in a g-string bikini. I have always found that exercise particularly difficult. Thanks in advance.

  4. CzechFitnessGirl

    Thanks! It is really paradise in Halkidiki. You must come here. They are a lot of girls here.

  5. CzechFitnessGirl

    Hey, I have a fitness channel so you should ask me to show some exercise!

  6. The Czech Republic is located in the south side of SovietRussian and east to Argentina

  7. You’re so incredibly sexy Simona. I always dream of being at the beach with a girl like you.

  8. CzechFitnessGirl

    I don’t think so to have passion for fitness is copying someone.
    I am doing fitness and yoga for a long time.
    Bodyrock is amazing! I lov ewhat they are doing.
    You probably don’t like fitness.

  9. you are doing it again,wearing my fav colour, sorry but you will have to try harder to win me over bye bye.

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