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13 thoughts on “Yoga For Beginners”

  1. Arielle Norman

    You’re right, I don’t need to hurt her by having that comment on here. I’m sure that decision was the result of some pre-coffee bad mood.

  2. I hope i don’t take a yoga class with girls stretching like that in front of me…oh my days !!1

  3. allamericanarmygirls

    me and my sister got bored and wanted to try yoga out and this really helped thanks aa bunch 🙂

  4. HowToGetPregnantZ

    If you have problems to get pregnant, start with yoga! Same thing about any other problem that you have – start with yoga 🙂

  5. Good informative video on the proper form and great explanation; one of the things I like most about you 🙂
    *thumbs up*

  6. Sorry to say your alignment is wrong, and the pose is not extended triangle. You are mixing side angle pose and triangle, creating a hybrid. 😉

  7. PooPooOnMyNewShoe

    Lol, right. you’re honest for re evaluating your self. Too many ppl will say snotty things just to be rude. coffee alone won’t cure them, peace:)

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