Yoga For Beginners – 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

This sequence is beginner friendly and with a focus on FOUNDATION and FLEXIBILITY. Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice…

Total Body Yoga Workout Vinyasa Flow I wanted to introduce you to a fellow yoga teacher Tim Senesi, please comment below if you would like to see more Yoga w…
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50 thoughts on “Yoga For Beginners – 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout”

  1. @SChappellaz Yes, there was a bit the was un edited that needed cutting out

  2. Stacey Kramer

    Amazing! Thank you, Adriene! I’ve been practicing on my own for a few
    weeks… just doing my favorite poses here and there. But it felt SO great
    to return to this video and intentionally a take 40 min. yoga retreat! You
    are so comforting and helpful. Namaste. :)

  3. Angela Anderson

    I’m sitting at the laundromat and am filling the time looking for yoga
    videos to add to a play list. I am loving what I’m seeing of your vids so
    far! I look forward to using them!

  4. Betty Kushida

    I have been through anxiety periods, I am definitely trying this tonight!

  5. David Chalmers

    +Yoga With Adriene Love your videos! Was wondering if you could do some
    kind of recovery sequence for athletes after a tough workout? Keep up the
    awesome work!

  6. I’ve been looking for a great beginner video to share with friends. Love
    the presentation and the details you provide. I will say though I almost
    hurt myself laughing at 18:22 when you told yourself to shutup lol :Þ

    Fun, informative, and great quality. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  7. Debbie Curtis

    Thanks to Adriene for getting me started and motivated to keep at it! I can
    be a complete doofus and still do this (most of it anyway).

  8. im first time doing yoga and i loved it, i feel very relaxed and great 🙂

  9. I can’t curl my toes under when my foot’s already laying flat. Is that
    weird? Makes transitioning really awkward trying to work around that, but
    hopefully it’ll come with time.

  10. This was my first yoga sequence video and absolutely loved it, although I’m
    a lil shaky. Subbed and look forward to more vids. Thanks soo much x

  11. You always make me feel happy and at peace. I always feel so tall
    afterward! Thankyou Adrienne for the yoga wisdom. Namaste 

  12. varun mahajan

    Fantastic Video Adriene… i was wondering if there is a preferred time to
    do this ..or could i do it anytime of the day…


  13. Mária Szárazová

    I am a beginner but I really enjoy yoga thanks to you ♥ I have a question.
    Is it important to breathe into the belly? Because I often find myself
    breathing automatically into the lungs..Does it matter? :)

  14. Jess Telmanik

    I went to my first official yoga class last week in ten years… alas it’s
    not something I can afford on a daily basis!! So I am soooo happy to have
    found your videos! Thank you! Namaste!!

  15. Your videos have really helped me begin to manage my anxiety. The 20 minute
    yoga for beginners video has been great for school mornings when I don’t
    have a lot of time. Thanks so much, I’m grateful to have found such an
    awesome channel!

  16. +Lesley Fightmaster +Tim Senesi I really like your yoga styles. Enjoyed
    this Total Body Yoga W/O with Tim. 

  17. Digital Yoga Network

    +Lesley Fightmaster introduces us to Tim Sensei, who teaches us #Yoga with
    this incredible Total Body Workout #StayActive 

  18. Aaron Aguilar

    That was great! I’ve used this video a few times already and I love it.
    More please!

  19. Cecilia Cooke

    I really enjoyed doing yoga with Tim Sensei. He did a lot of poses I’ve
    never done before and I loved it!

  20. Really enjoyed this – I’m a longtime practitioner and didn’t feel like
    thinking too much today. Nice basic flow, great tips, great pace.

  21. More with Tim! He has a great voice, his cadence/pace is easy to follow
    and there are some challenging poses thrown in!

  22. Thanks Tim. Very informative. I liked that sound do your calming voice. The
    end was a little advanced for me so I just modified. I will be joining you
    again. 🙂 

  23. wonderful practice! great instruction, loved that he got so many poses into
    this half hour and challenging arm balances. thanks! 

  24. Wonderful routine! And thanks for introducing me to a new yoga channel.
    Although I wish I could take your and Tim’s classes in person. :)

  25. Hey! You both teach in Laguna Beach! I went to that yoga studio for about a
    year, but sadly couldn’t afford it anymore… Glad to see these videos!

  26. Charity Gorman

    He is such a good teacher. I love how he explains the poses and gives you
    time to get in them. Looking forward to more classes from him. 

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