Stay in touch with Anita Goa via: Twitter: @anitagoa Facebook: Website: ( **The levels/sequences are listed at the bottom of this page. The routines are for inspiration. Memorize the routine that is appropriate for you and find your own pace and reps. ) Anita Goa takes you through 3 different levels of how you can work your core according to your level. The exercises presented are basic exercises, but if you can do these with breath and good form you are creating a strong foundation for more advanced core work to come. The Tutorial Tuesday video on the core explains the various core muscles. Check out: Questions, comments, request always welcome! Keep them coming 🙂 Subscribe to Anita Goa TV for yoga routines, fitness workouts, fusion workouts, tutorials, food and philosophy. **Core Workout – Strong, Tone & Confident: Start off in a seated position and get comfortable with contracting and releasing lower abdomen in concert with the breath – then add on Kapalabati breathing 20-100 exhalations (no strain, comfortably!) Level 1: Basic crunch, Basic Oblique Rotation, Locust Pose *Yoga Push-up: lower to chaturanga, push back up Level 2 on the Stability ball: Stability Crunch, Stability Oblique Rotation, Stability Locust lift/lower *PushUps: either on the knees or from plank position (*as many as you can keep good form, moving down and up as a unit, without sinking into your back) Level 3 moving into yoga positions with

4 thoughts on “YOGA FITNESS WORKOUT – CORE STRENGTH: TONED & CONFIDENT – WorkOut Wednesday with Anita Goa”

  1. good! i am glad to hear that you find them detailed and the instructions are helpful. xo.

  2. as always great routine, Could you do some routines to lose weigth and become stronger? I work 10 hours a day and I don’t have time to go to the gym. I love yoga and it makes me feel better. thank you

  3. hello – thanks for the suggestion. actually – over the next few weeks the theme will involve weight loss, so stay in touch. all the best, a 🙂

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