Yoga Dynamics Workout by BeFit in 90

Yoga Dynamics Workout by BeFit in 90

Yoga Dynamics Workout by BeFit in 90 will burn calories, increase balance, and shape your body. This flowing Yoga workout features traditional dynamic Yoga poses designed to increase flexibility, lubricate the joints, and tone your body. Work out with trainers, Samantha Clayton and Baseball Hall Of Famer, Royce Clayton. Burn calories and sculpt the body that you want with these effective Yoga poses. For full selection of great workouts like this one, visit the BeFit Channel on YouTube: Check us out on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter at: About The BeFit in 90 Trainers: Samantha Clayton, mother of four and wife to all-star baseball player Royce Clayton, was also an award-winning member of the 2000 Olympic track team for the United Kingdom and competed in both the 200m and the 4x100m relay. Garret Amerine joined the Marines After September, 11th and was deployed to Iraq. He soon became very interested in Fitness and upon his return home began his career in personal training, modeling, and acting.

25 thoughts on “Yoga Dynamics Workout by BeFit in 90”

  1. handsomegrackle

    Phase II complete. Seeing some good results.

    Phase III tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, it looks scary.

  2. I love this yoga workout. This weekend I did it with my fiance and mother-in-law, we had so much fun. I just did the workout again and even though it’s only 10 minutes I still feel like a got a great yoga workout in, awesome…. go BeFit in 90!

  3. Bojan Navojec

    Hello there, have you tried out “Belly Fat Blaze” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a practical free video. This helped Todd to lose his abdominal fat. Perhaps it will help you as well…

  4. thecurledfreckle

    Day 38 done! Got to do day 39 today as well because I skipped yesterday…:D

  5. handsomegrackle

    Day 48 completed. Going well. Overall body is in much better condition. Much more definition in chest, arms, shoulders, butt, thighs, hamstrings, calves. Can’t seem to shake off the love handles and lower gut where I want them just yet, but I can tell they are slowly going away. I kinda wish there was more core/abs work in this program, but hey, it’s free I’m not gonna complain (too much). Ha. Thanks for the program guys.

  6. Caseydaviesify

    Yoga is definitely good to do with another person. Her calm energy was great for my workout!

  7. Thanks so much i love our dynamic too! royce got me started in yoga after we had triplets 6 years ago… so much fun xoxo

  8. Her directions are really clear when I can’t watch the screen. Such a good video to follow.

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