Xtreme Bhangra Dance Fitness (Debut – Featuring Albina Nahar)

Albina Nahar Xtreme Bhangra Dance Fitness

Episode Number: 001 Welcome To Xtreme Bhangra. Your host, and the Captain of Bhangra, Ranjit Singh, will introduce you to this dance sensation in the first segment of his Xtreme series. This is just a small demo/promo of what’s to come! Model/Actress Albina Nahar joins in on the action. Follow along the best you can, stay away from the Gulab Jamun, and you’ll be fit in no time. Remember to return regularly and find more Xtreme clips, along with move demonstrations, step by step breakdowns, skits and other health, fitness, dance and Bhangra related videos. Credits: Performed By Ranjit Singh & Albina Nahar Produced By Ranjit Singh, Sarvan Singh & Ryan Golding Shot By Ryan Golding & Sarvan Singh Edited By Ryan Golding Music By Jason Fyfe Special Thanks To Manjit Singh & Dalewood Productions Website coming soon!

25 thoughts on “Xtreme Bhangra Dance Fitness (Debut – Featuring Albina Nahar)”

  1. MultiJessie23

    Fuck the haters Ranjit. You have done a great job. Keep it up. These were the type of videos which I have been searching on youtube for years, as no other youtube videos can teach you the Bhangra online the way you break down it. I have seen all your videos. Proud to have you on Youtube. Keep it up. Waitimg for more videos with Punjabi music in the background.<3

  2. Where can I buy the DVD! My heart is pounding, holy crap I’m out of shape! So much funnnnn!

  3. bro hes the caption of nachdi jawani hes a perfessinal! hes the best out of nachdi jawani! i bet u cant even do anything! dont hate

  4. Don’t worry I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, he’s choreo’d enough to know what he’s doing, so don’t worry about teaching him 😛 lol

  5. You def are out of the loop, and don’t keep up with the competitive circuit, or you would know exactly who your saying you suck to…. LMAO !!

  6. Im not the best but am sure better than that guy.(i learnt bhangra from an uncle who did bhangra and was in the best college team back when he was young and from guys on other teams) i know every old school bhangra move ever made and now am learning new bhangra moves too

  7. MultiJessie23

    I have subscribed to your Channel. Hit “Like” if you to have subscribe to Ranjit’s channel to learn the Bhangra moves online.

  8. XfishygoesrawrX

    Great video, everything nice about it but the music isn’t anything enjoyable to try to dance to. It actually makes the dancer feel they won’t be able to do it.

  9. Baahahahahah… LMAO… Ranjit is THE CAPTAIN of bhangra…. this is nothing to what he can do on the stage… wacth a few Nachdi Jawani videos here on the Tube, and then decide if your better then this guy… LMAO !!!

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