World Powerlifting Championships 2013 Stavanger (120+) Part 1/2

World powerlifting championship 2013 from Stavanger, Norway Featuring Carl Yngvar Christensen among the rest of the elite, and several world-records.

Powerlifting in Prison (Original video by Discovery Channel)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “World Powerlifting Championships 2013 Stavanger (120+) Part 1/2”

  1. It might just ve me or some of the red lighted lifts couldve gone green if
    not at other evrnts them looked good to me just MPO

  2. Did you film the 120Kg category too? My coach was in there 😛
    We do have a compilation of all his lifts but the whole categoruy would
    have been nice.

  3. logicalThinker1000

    It’s hilarious watching them walk back and forth with the knee wraps. They
    look like retards.

  4. I feel like powerlifting would be better if there was simply raw (belt and
    sleeves only) or equipped (no single or double ply categories) 

  5. at the half of video I was like : “damn, there’s a second part? what will
    they lift there? 800 kg?!”

  6. They need to be fed bread and water only in prison. My tax dollars
    shouldn’t go to fund any of this bulking up crap. 

  7. Shane VanDeCruize

    Imagine what these guys could DO with strength like this. This is str8 blue
    collar worker type strength. This is some “I need to fight a bear” type
    strength. These guys could have been doing other things than what ever they
    did to get into prison. See shows how much you CAN be.

  8. czoraa21 is talking out of his ass, most likely he is some young kid who
    thinks every hollywood prison movie is exactly what it’s like in real life.

  9. I thought they stopped giving weight lift equipment to prisoner since all
    they do is whip peoples ass when they come out.

  10. one thing that unites them is there criminality how bout the love of the
    sport a hole
    who the fuck edits this shit!

  11. the most heinous the crime they committe, the more often they talk about
    god and jesus. not sure it’s a good sign…

  12. The whole point of CORRECTIONAL facility’s is to change people. This is an
    effective way to not make them kill eachother.

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