Workout From Home with Your Baby!

Don’t have time to go to the gym? Feeling guilty about leaving your kids in day care? This video is the perfect solution for getting in a workout while spending quality time with your children. Here are 6 basic moves you can do with your child that will help you get a burn going when you don’t have time for the gym. Remember to be careful and practice a few times for the lifts especially. Maybe even ask a friend or husband for a spot the first few times 🙂 Have fun and give your babies some love from me! Get a burn going!! And let me know what you think! XO Follow me! fbook: and twitter: SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE SUBSCRIBE to HEYKAYLI SUBSCRIBE to MIYA SUBSCRIBE TO BELLAMISHELLA ___ family, workout, fitness, video, videos, mommy, daddy, gym, buddy, quality, time, son, child, kids, children, help, lift, bodyweight, jumping jacks, love, laughing, fun, running, smiling, spin, back, front, fast, feet, stretch, arms, chest, hold, push, switch, potty, legs, squat, head, hit, face, jump, elbows, curl, board, shoulders, moves, sweaty, careful, stable, walk, lay, press, rebel, roll, crazy, knees, baby, calf, like, enjoy, CarlieStylez, Carlie, Maker Studios

25 thoughts on “Workout From Home with Your Baby!”

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  2. littlemama522

    This is great! I have a 7 month old, so I had to modify a little. But she giggled the whole way through 🙂

  3. Mariah Wearley

    If any of my children turn out to be homosexual I will love them just as much as if they were straight, because it doesn’t matter. I think you need to go look up what the word “bigot” means. I don’t have to respect your opinion because your opinion is hateful. And I never said he was gay, either. I said “So what if he is?” Saying something “LOOKS GAY” is really homophobic, and maybe you need to look up that word, too. Read my first comment if you don’t trust me.

  4. i dont think that arguing with god is the right way since u cant prove his existance, and i didnt say anything about weather being gay is normal or not. if u talk about statistics and numbers, gays are a minority, but that doesnt make them “not normal”…. but thats just my point of view.


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    What you would do if you see that your son has some gay attention? I’m not bigot, maybe you are, because you don’t respect my own opinion. Maybe he polished his toes just for fun. You thought he is gay, not me. I just said that it LOOKS GAY and not that he is gay. Read my second comment if you don’t trust me.


    Do you know him in real life? Do you know me for say that i’m a bad guy? I said i don’t care if he’s gay or not, it doesen’t change my life. Before i told you that in an age like that a child can’t choice his sexual preferences because at that age you can’t understand what sex is. I’m italian, and is a miracle i can speak english like this. Cuz all people of my race speaks english with their ass.

  8. i really cant stand people like you…. going mad on someone for one comment that really wasnt meant to offend anyone


    Last week my 7 years old cousin painted his toenails with a black polish, maybe you was right, that child was just plaiyng when he painted his toes… i really hope my cousin is not gay.

  10. Mariah Wearley

    It doesn’t matter whether it was meant to offend anyone or not. He made an incredibly homophobic statement, and bigotry is always offensive. Just as much as siding with bigotry is.


    Maybe what you said its right. But homosexual its not nature, and isn’t normal.

  12. LetsGetCookinggg

    this is so cute! cooper really enjoys every moment of it. 0:34 – 0:36 that’s cute


    You have a different opinion than mine. We can’t understan each other. So, i don’t have time to spend talking to you. Have a nice day.

  14. Mariah Wearley

    You are a bigot, and against children nonetheless. You are making incredibly homophobic statements. SEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE. Nobody chooses to be gay, because nobody chooses to be straight. SEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE. Of course you don’t understand what sex is, but that doesn’t not mean he couldn’t be gay. SEXUALITY IS NOT A CHOICE. It is also not just about sex. I don’t give a shit about your English skills or those of other Italians. You are being a bigot and a homophobe, and that’s not okay.

  15. Mariah Wearley

    I don’t want an apology for your bad English, I want an apology for your bigotry. Sexuality is NOT a choice!! At what age did you choose to be straight? I really want to know. You are born the way you are, so all homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, and straight people were that way the second they became a person. You are one of those bad people, because you can’t accept people for what they truly are. Cooper can do whatever he want with his hair, nails, and clothes. Thank god Carlie is his mom.


    Trust me, i don’t care if he’s gay or not…. But i still think being gay is not normal. Because god made us loving vagina, and not penis.
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  17. Mariah Wearley

    Yeah, because that’s all anybody ever thinks about ever. I’m constantly staring at men thinking about ripping their pants off. And I know every straight guy is really just thinking about banging every single girl they see. Grow up. I’m tired of your bigotry in my life.

  18. Summer Espinal

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