Workout for Parents and Kids to do together

I’m always amazed how many people I meet that say they don’t have any time to workout because they have kids. We’ve tried to incorporate the children into wo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Workout for Parents and Kids to do together”

  1. livefreediehard28

    thanks for this video!! I am the kind of person who hates working out, but am trying to get healthier for my kids. This is a great way to get them into the healthy and active lifestyle. We just tried it and my 3 year old daughter (and myself) was tired halfway through the video. She is not overweight by any means, but its clear now that being healthy and fit is not just about being overweight.I plan on doing this with my kids on a daily basis….it will be a great wind down before bed! thanks

  2. Good ideas. Thanks. Workouts should always be preceeded by warmups. Stretching is done at the end when muscles are no longer tight and stretching is least likely to cause injury.

  3. this is so awesome!!!! I am one of the parents that say i cant work out because i have kids but after seeing this its really great!!!! I think we are going to try this out!!! Workout for me and the kids, its good for them too, helps them wind down at the end of the day by running off all that excess energy before bath and bedtime!!! Especially my ADHD child!!! I love it!

  4. Patrick Saunders

    Nice job on the video…………

    To bad there is always a Monday morning quarterback to find fault in what you do.

    Keep up the great work with your kids………

  5. stephanie fehler

    What a fun video!  my husband is really into fitness, too – and we have seven children – we’ve set up our basement to have a workout area and it’s fun and helpful for everyone, and the little ones like having the tiny weights or doing squats along with us 🙂 – you sound like fun parents 🙂

  6. I like this, looks like a lot of fun, and its nice that dad figured out a way to include the kids in what he enjoys!

  7. that was on the original video, but I had to cut it down to under 10 mins for You Tube. the original video was a little over 22 mins.

  8. that is on the original video, but I had to cut it down to under 10 mins. the original video was about 22 mins.

  9. uuummmng! i’d like to get a good feel of this girls biceps all day if i
    had ever lived in her area!!,and met her and her family. she has really good sized and hard looking muscles with nice peaks for her age and height. you look like you can
    stomach punch both your brothers and other older boys real hard and
    enough times to make them lose their breath for quite a few minutes!!!

  10. The girl is pretty fit. But I do not like girls with too much muscles. The big boy, Josh, has almost a perfect body. He do not need much more workouts. The little boy, Reuben, could do more workouts. But he is really cute. 🙂

  11. i think some more flexing is in order from all three, and compare muscles like abs and biceps

  12. The boys are good but the girl is much more impressive!
    You bever expect girls to have muscles!

  13. Wow! The girl is so hot … I think she can beat the boys in armwrestling! More vids, please 😉

  14. I got to see the girl flex some more. Awesome muscles! You ought to all measure your biceps. I think hers are biggest.

  15. She definitely has some very impressive muscles! Great definition and nice peak! I would love to see her show them off some more!

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