Work That BUTT!

(1:00)- Basic Squat (2:24)- Dumbbell Squat (3:21)- Side-Lunge Squat (4:03)- Barbell Squat (5:07)- Single Dumbbell Squat (6:02)- Barbell Side-Lunge Squat (6:5…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Work That BUTT!”

  1. Scott how do you make your butt smaller I have a bubbly butt and I want to
    get rid of the fat in my butt please reply.

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    you do, and you do this persistently, I’m confident you’ll do well.

  3. Thank you so much very useful, very well explained, funny at times and
    you’re so damn cute!!

  4. thedanniechannel

    can you put two dumbells in a bookbag wear it on your back and do a squat
    with it as an alternative to barbell squats?

  5. Thanks for telling the truth!!! Too many fitness gurus will lead folks
    astray doing their “Special Routine”, especially about localized fat

  6. thanks scott, ill give that a shot. and sorry if that was like a dumb
    question, i just remember my buddy telling me something on the lines of
    crunches are ineffective unless you lose the fat around the stomach thanks

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    guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  8. Hey Mr. Herman 😉 I love your videos and they are very helpful. But i have
    a question. How much cardio do YOU do?

  9. outsidelinebacker99

    scott im gonna have to disagree with what you said about doing crunches
    alone to get abs. there is no way a fat man can get visible abs without
    doing diet, cardio and crunches. only way to get abs for fat people is to
    do cardio before the crunches because it sheds the fat off your stomach and
    80% of it is diet. if you do crunches alone without cardio or diet, it is
    doing nothing but making your stomach thicker instead the person will just
    have a big air bubble on their stomach with a 1 pack.

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    can help you get the body you deserve.

  11. @wdfsammy Weightlifting and cardio is your answer. Especially weightlifting
    will help you build muscle mass and help you tighten those flabby skin. But
    are you sure you lost 60 pounds naturally? ‘cuz if you did, I reckon your
    body would have adjusted to your new weight + frame. How long did it take
    you lose 60 pounds?? in reality it would have taken you 20-30 weeks to
    eliminate yo-yo effect.

  12. @raginghell14 actually everyone has that ripped ab look otherwise we would
    all be floppy and couldn’t stand up sraight, its just under the fat that
    most people get around their stomach, when you do ab workouts its mainly to
    strengthen your back

  13. hey scott thanks a lot for all the videos and its been very helpful! two
    years ago i was around 230 but Ive lost 60 pounds playing basketball… but
    the problem is that im lefted with extra skin and i want to ask you how can
    i get rid of the extra skin around my stomach? please help me! lol thanks
    again scott!

  14. This video is great,but for some reason I find it a bit odd seeing you
    wearing a hat! Anyway thanks for the info babe!!! : )

  15. It cracks me up when I see the comments saying shit about him nothing
    wearing a shirt. I’ve got a friend who’s pretty ripped and in the summer
    around his house, he never puts on a shirt. Why would you walking around
    your own house?

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