Women Fitness Training – The Shocking Truth About Female Fitness And Fat Loss

Women Fitness Training - The Shocking Truth About Female Fitness And Fat Loss

www.FlaviliciousFItness.com for my women fitness training website. Uncover The #1 Reason You’re Cheating Yourself Out Of A Body That Radiates With Confidence & Not Experiencing The Intelligent Way To All-Out Fat Burning… … And What To Do About It To Max Out Your Workouts, Break Limitations, Turn Heads & Control Every Curve On Your Body – Starting Today! This video reveals why females must train differently than males: www.FlaviliciousFItness.com Hi Friend and Fitness Enthusiast! Whether you just decided to venture into the weight room or you have been a long time fitness buff, this must be said first… It’s not your fault you’re struggling to get a lean, strong and fit physique, despite all your efforts. Come on, you don’t have to look far before being bombarded with the next outrageous “Hollywood Diet” endorsed by PAID celebrities who’ll tout just about anything for the right amount of money… Or the latest “health & fitness” magazine announcing how to “get amazing abs in 1-week” so you’ll buy a copy of their cleverly disguised supplement catalog to sell you their next weight loss gimmick… We both know there is no shortage of ludicrous crash diet solutions, bogus fat-burner pills, exercise gizmos, acai berry scams and stupid colon cleanses flying off the shelves –being sold to desperate and uneducated people – despite being downright frauds, ineffective and damaging to your health. These weight loss scams are straight out crazy and ridiculous, not to mention

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  1. Great video, I’m a personal trainer and try to tell my clients this every day. It takes plain old fashioned hard work, no fancy gimmicks.

  2. She’s rocking! Love her! And she is 100% right plus I will look like her very soon!

  3. you know what? that is NOT that easy to JUST eat healthy think about you gonna chance something you have done everyday in your life. That is really heard i speak from experiment. I use to eat healthy in a half year.but beacuse some problems in my family i start to eat really unhealthy in ONLY one weak and after that i gain weight and i have hard to go back to what i ate before.

    i bet that your really skinny og have been eat healhty in loong time sin ce you think it is that easy..

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  6. SuperJack3006

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when normal people are able to burn up fat easily with Lean Body Maximizer (check it out on Google).

    1. Hi Lana! Sorry I was out of town for a few days, just returned last night. I will be pkincig up the digital copies of the photos this week and will post them here and on Zumba Love. I am excited to see them! Everyone looked so amazing wearing PINK, wearing Zumbawear, and Groovin’ with us all. We are very fortunate instructors to have such amazing participants!!! ~Lorena

  7. why is she talking like that and half lifting her shoulders like that.. i couldnt take it after 4 minutes of listening to her talk

  8. kittystrokedeluxe

    Weight loss is easy. To change ones own habits is not. That IS the problem. 🙂

    1. Hey Kathy, sorry for just getting back to you. I can set up a label class sioetmme in the next couple weeks. That’s a good class to have!Val is really excited about the Isagenix (Want More Energy) mixture. It is a mild boost in focus and activity level without any harmful chemicals or unsafe sweetners. The fact that it tastes really good is impressive. So if it’s a long day this would be a lot better than resorting to a 5 hour energy or monster drink.

  9. Why does she have to be talking like this??? Damn your attractiveness is going down the drain as you speak.

  10. Hey, have you considered this thing called the Fat Blast Blueprint? (check google). My sister says it helps people get thinner.

  11. You’re a nurse! So am I. I did like the speech (really).
    You look awesome by the way.

  12. Olive Bartlett

    what about people who actually DO have thyroid disease? Im on meds but it does not take away all of the symptoms

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