Women and Weight Lifting: The Myth That Lifting Heavy Makes You Bulky

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25 thoughts on “Women and Weight Lifting: The Myth That Lifting Heavy Makes You Bulky”

  1. LOVED this video Omar!! You dont know how many females have come to me over
    the past two years telling me that they were inspired to start lifting
    weights because of me! Being a mother of two and stepping on stage for my
    first NPC competition was HUGE and not only was it a good experience for
    myself, it has also opened the eyes of many others. I am busy, I have
    stretch marks, i have excuses, BUT i still get shit done because I want it!
    And i have curves now that i’ve never had before, STRONG is the new skinny

  2. Fantastic video. Its insane how deep the brainwashing is. I’ve explained
    all the arguments and my wife sees me and knows that even men have to work
    and eat hard for a very long time to get much muscle if you’re natural.
    Still she has a mental block and can’t work out hard or heavy. It s nuts.

  3. Awesome video Omar! Cutting through the bullshit. I can’t stand how much
    misinformation so called fitness experts spew about training and nutrition,
    especially to women. Yeah guys fall for it too, but women struggling with
    their self image don’t need that shit. Thanks for the message.

  4. Strong is the new sexy, where do girls like Geo even exist, seriously.
    Definitely not in the UK so don’t come here :(

  5. dont you just love when lifters tell you to control the weight when they
    throw it around them selfs

  6. when i met my girlfriend i asked her if she trained, she said yes 5 times a
    week.. turns out she was like every other girl in the gym, 30 minutes on
    the eliptical to warm up followed by some leg abb and adductions haha. i
    started taking her to train with me a couple of months ago and started her
    lifting heavy, she loves it and two months down the line has made amazing
    progress. she is big into her cooking and healthy eating too and has
    started her own website / blog which is focused on food at the moment but
    im nudging her towards more lifting content. she’s had this video sent to
    her omar. good work. 

  7. TheSwoleBroscientist

    I know you will have most of your jimmies rustled, but lifting weight CAN
    make certain women bulky.

    I have seen it with my own eyes.

    You mad?

  8. I’m a fan of fit women, and one of the rare few into thick mama-bearmode a
    la Rin Nakai. But I gotta say, at least women aren’t considered to be
    REQUIRED to be ripped to be good looking. Compare expectations of male
    attractiveness and female attractiveness. Males need to look like a Spartan
    out of 300. Hours in the gym every single week. Women just need to not be
    fat. And even that’s changing thanks to Fat Acceptance.

    I will honestly quit life if the Social Justice Warriors invade the gyms
    and start complaining about “too much testosterone” and “no safe spaces for
    women”. I know Omar’s not anywhere near this point, but all it takes to get
    the SJWs ravaging and pillaging communities is ONE 3 minute encounter. See:
    Rebecca Watson ripping New Atheism in two because she got asked out to
    coffee in an elevator.

  9. women with a little muscle are sexy as fuck. i seen a hot ass blonde at the
    mall with easy 13 inch arms pretty sexy

  10. Building The Better Man

    My girlfriend used to hate going to the gym because she was afraid to lift
    anything (“I like running!”). Once I got her to actually come lift, she
    can’t imagine doing anything other than lifting. The takeaway here should
    be: Do whatever the fuck you want to do, but don’t be afraid to lift; you
    may just like it.

  11. jesus christ, look at that fuckin gorilla behind them around 3:30, donkey
    kongs fore arms is yolked 

  12. finally a video where you don’t gloat about your minute achievements…she
    is doing well on her lifting, she is breaking the usual perception about
    women and lifting…keep it going!!!

  13. forshipsandgiggles

    OMG YES!! I love Geo from her stuff on JK Films, and now knowing that she
    lifts makes me love her even more! PLEASE GEO START A LIFTING CHANNEL

  14. Women lifter checkin’ in. I choose to get bigger. I WANT more size. It’s
    MUCH harder than most think to actually get big/bulky!!
    Strong women should be celebrated. With all our hormone shifts and eating
    more than is considered ‘normal’ its a task in itself. I’m currently on a
    lean bulk at 2,800 calls and loving every minute of getting stronger and
    seeing positive changes to my physique. Screw the pink dumbells, lift
    heavy!!!! Great vid Omar. Peace! 

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