Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout

Here’s the entire workout . Enjoy !

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50 thoughts on “Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout”

  1. Thank you for the post. I’m losing pounds by diet and cardio but my
    powerhouse is very weak and flabby. I already feel my posture changing as a
    result of this workout.

  2. About seven years ago, I did this workout in conjunction with Billy Blanks’
    Tae Bo workouts, and also was eating a low carb diet. I lost 65 pounds in
    three months and felt like I was in the best shape I’d ever been in!! Mari
    really helped me with my core, and also flexibility. Love this workout!! ;)

  3. Thank you so much for posting, when I originally did this years ago I was
    in the best shape ever and my core and my legs were amazing and I had so
    much energy! Going to do this regularly again. Thanks again for posting,
    you’re a gem x

  4. Wow! I was in the best shape of life when I did this workout. It made my
    core stronger, and my body lengthened out tremendously. Thanks so much for
    posting this!!.

  5. I used to do this workout when i was 6-10 years old with my mom. I used to
    be an active child because i also figure skated and this workout helped. I
    quit skating and eventually my mom stopped this workout. I gained a few
    pounds… Haha. But after getting into a sport in high school, i’m working
    on this workout also. I’m getting my abs back from 6 years ago. xD

  6. I have this DVD somewhere and have been looking for it, I am so glad I
    found it! My stomach is in horrible shape..I remember it being good and not
    too hard for beginning..I think I will give it a go again..yea thanks
    AmnistY21 for posting it here! :)

  7. My favorite Pilates workout!
    I had it on VHS but my player broke so I gave the videos to a friend. Then
    I couldn’t find it again on dvd. Thankful to find it now on youtube. Thank

  8. This seemed… surprisingly easy. Pretty sure I did the moves correctly,
    but I really don’t feel fatigued hardly at all. Hmm.

  9. joseph marie laura

    best pilates workout i was doing this at 12 years old overweight at that
    time i lost 40pounds doing winsor ! it gave me the best shape for my
    dancing classes and its really easy to do

  10. Excellent Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your
    thoughts. Have you considered – Scarlet Superior Body Formula (google it)?
    Ive heard some interesting things about it and my BF finally got hot Six
    pack abs and lost a truck load of of fat with it.

  11. lol I like some of the ppl’s comments. I also first tried this when I was
    17 and in high school. Here I am now 25, have one child and I’m going back
    to the best. So straight forward and 20 minutes, easy.

  12. i had the vhs when i was in high school and used to love it ..and here i am
    2 kids later 9 years later doing this and it becames so hard to do the
    moves my power house is weak now haha !!

  13. kirbybirdiehouses

    Excellent. Will try more of your workouts.
    Dr said I have to lose some weight to prevent diabetes…
    Lost 13.5 lbs in a little over 2 weeks!

  14. Nanyi Lidia Mateo Luciano

    If the camera guy could stop focusing on the girl´s boobs and ass that
    would be great. 

  15. Love the workout, love pilates, but the camera man seemed like he was
    shooting a porno, and the music kinda supported that…

  16. Great video, I did this workout and thought the whole time, damn I want to
    look like her, she has a great lean pilates body. Today was my first
    workout Im 4mths postpartum and I’m going to take before and after pictures
    for all you haters talking about the camera guy all in her boobs and ass to
    show you that if you do pilates you can have that body too.

  17. verbal commands would be helpful even if very brief at least to identify
    the name of the exercise because looking up during leg lifts kills your
    neck. GymRa really needs to add this.

  18. I’m disappointed in this video. I come here to work out, not stare at this
    perfect chicks’ tits and ass, while she’s grinning at the (most likely) guy
    at the back who’s filming her. It looks like a porno scene to me, it
    honestly does! excercise shouldn’t be about that. it’s a real shame.

  19. that shit kicked my ass. Definitely doing this one over and over again.
    Liked that it didn’t incorporate a lot of work on my calves because they’re
    toned enough as is and this worked mainly on the butt, thighs and core. I
    don’t know how far down the road I would try this LOL but if I wanted to
    increase the challenge I would add ankle weights.

  20. I love the workout, but this is clearly a video for women, made by men. I
    want to workout here, not satisfy my thirst for big breasts and dreamy
    women smiling at me. Next time, hire a female director. Not watching any
    more by GymRa. Unless my bf asks me for wacking material. :(

  21. Wellness with Natassia

    Pilates porn for sure lol. Nice butt sequence, I’m a mat pilates teacher
    and I’ll definitely be incorporating that into my classes.

  22. I agree with all that’s been said – gorgeous and talented instructor,
    misleading title (should say 45 minute ass blaster) and it was difficult to
    follow without any narration. still, my booty will be thanking me tomorrow.

  23. I love it!!! Its not complicated and I can feel a difference. Sometimes
    someones voice can just be very annoying. : )

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