25 thoughts on “WiiFit – Step Aerobics”

  1. @TheCharlesTube Hey, just because you are Germ Phobic doesn’t mean you
    should judge other people for what they wear.

  2. TheCrazyCrackerJack

    people should stop having arguments on ppls vids by commenting on them. it
    has nothing to do with the video so they should just go and PM each other
    instead of leaving comments all over videos

  3. josh4974Seipher

    notice the guy that is in the little side video screws up the clapping
    sequence. he claps when stepping onto the board, but he totally misses it
    each time when steppin off.

  4. I CAN’T DO THIS I KEEP DO IT WRONG sometimes i can’t work it out it annoys
    me soooooooooooo much =(

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