Wii Fit Step Aerobics

Wii Fit Step Aerobics

some serious Wii Fit exercising.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Step Aerobics class with the usual lot, but some from my other class came and joined us for a bit of happy clappy fun. Information Music: first song: Pure Ga…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “Wii Fit Step Aerobics”

  1. I totally love the way you have played lol this would make a great ad for
    the wii fit and look at all the perfects you get lol hehehehe

  2. how hot is the second song at 3 min, id that please…great choreography
    btw, looks challengin

  3. Love that quick over quick over kick move! I stole your other version of
    this move a while ago and my folks will enjoy another variation of it.

  4. I like your combo’s very much. Do you have these combo’s also on paper?
    Greetz from Holland

  5. Great routine! I LOVE the lady stepping on the floor. She shows great
    options and has a blast doing it! You go girl!

  6. I love that woman in your class. You must be a very approchable and
    friendly instructor. Well done! Where do you get your music from?

  7. Hey! The chubby lady rocks! No step and going crazy….lol.Love your work,
    you’re an amazing instructor. I’m a brazilian gym teacher, step instructor.
    Thanks for sharing your combos. They’re great!

  8. Great combo… Is this a gym open to everyone? Are you in London??? I’m
    going and would love to join a class!

  9. hi, I would like to buy the first step. You know where and how many? I live
    in france…thank for your choréo

  10. I really want to do this routine and I love the music; can you post the
    breakdown (with you calling out the cues)? You are an awesome teacher, and
    I wish I could take your classes! I keep trying to learn this, but I’m a
    little slow! Breakdowns would be great! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  11. Would love to know where to purchase a board like the instructors…..Is it
    called a spring step board? Please any info would be great…love the

  12. 有佐ジェーン 松川

    i love your routines and music!! And the bouncy step you use!! i’d love to
    get one for myself! I currently reside in Japan. Do you think I can get one
    sent to Japan?

  13. I’m in the 2nd biggest City which is Birmingham. Cocksmoor LC is the only
    place that you can pay as you go. All others are private gyms with

  14. LOVE these combos – do you have a breakdown of these? Also – where’d you
    get the spring step -I assume it helps with knee issues? Is itmore
    difficult? Thanks for your video!!!!

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