What To Eat To Gain Muscle, Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass [Full HD]

Here The Link: http://HowToGainMuscleForMen.com/Build-Muscle-GUARANTEED We all know that the better we organize our eating habits to gain muscle and burn fat…
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This is before the WW nerf. For a version that works in 1.0.4 (actually better than this one) watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J1RvsRRpCM This is …

18 thoughts on “What To Eat To Gain Muscle, Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass [Full HD]”

  1. i am looking at the AH and everything is way overpriced imo i dont know how
    you got your set with only 1.5mil =)

  2. awesome Vid i been looking for something like this to help me solo inferno
    cuz with my 12 month old baby is a pain to have time to play =) any tips on
    what stats to look for on my gear? besides + resist,crit chance and crit
    dmg? TY in advance

  3. just saw the vid man is awesome trying to get some of the gar listed but
    prices on AH are way overpriced i think they found out about the build n
    the prices went up like crazy =( btw does the type of dmg on wep matters?
    like holy,poison,lightning etc…?

  4. Hey mate. Thank you for sharing this clips. Currently Im using similiar
    build. I have only 24k dps (44% crit chance) and 800+ resists with
    prismatic armor. Thanks to you I switched from shield to source with crit
    chance nad AP on crit. Working like a charm in III act. Also teleport is
    bad ass idea and it helps escaping from tricky situations. I feel bad for
    other wizards bothering with shield, that daggers spell and using meteors
    for crit fishing. 🙂

  5. I recommend checking out my budget wicked wind video I just uploaded. I
    spent about 1.5mil in the full gear setup and was able to farm Act2 with
    it. IMO the main stats to make sure you have are 35%+ crit, 15+ AP on crit,
    and 600+ Life on Hit.

  6. Sick sick damage with your gear 🙂 Thanks for the videos man, was looking
    for good info on this build. Act 3 is really hard for me at the moment
    though.. I havent cleared it, so going through all those chambers is really
    really painful with all the arcane sentrys and 1 hit ko from frantic
    minions haha

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