What To Eat To Build Muscle – Part II: Lunch

http://athleanx.com/x/musclebuildinglunch Continuing the series of “what to eat to build muscle”, Jeff takes you into his kitchen once again to show you exac…

How To Build Muscle Mass With MONSTER SETS!

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35 thoughts on “What To Eat To Build Muscle – Part II: Lunch”

  1. Iwan van de Weer

    Is that 425 Fahrenheit or Celcius? I live in Europe, we do everything in

  2. what about the deli slices? Like lunch meat? Is that what you mean that’s
    bad? Dang….

  3. Blazed FoLife

    What do I do with the rest of the chicken? Do I eat it through out the week
    and will it go bad? Please reply 

  4. What about ham as a meat? Is that still bad for a guy? Thanks keep up the
    awesome helpful work! 

  5. Antreas Georgiou

    jeff i want your opinion about tribulus terestris for testosterone
    boost…is good or is bad for my health?

  6. Hey Jeff, what are your feelings on milk? Do you drink a lot? what type?
    I’m 28 and lately started feeling like the milk and protein shakes are
    causing me to bloat up. I’ve had the same results with almond milk . Do you
    drink milk daily? BTW Your videos are the best on youtube.

  7. greenlizardballs

    at your cereal challenge: a cup of oats with some peanut butter can easily
    exceed 13 grams of protein, close to 20 actually

  8. hey Jeff, for a reasonably fit, gym going guy, how much protein should you
    consume roughly daily?

  9. Geoffrey Perkins

    Wow brilliant!…I never would have thot 2 eat cereal chicken or tuna

  10. @yemenpride1 i meant like you as in calling you a fat ass boy dick head
    tryin gto flirt with me im not a girl lol@ u removing ur comment.

  11. Ed Brown, Jr shows you how to explode growth with serious bodybuilding

  12. is that the whole workout or do you do that 2 or 3 times? And more than 1
    time a week?

  13. Ed should do videos more regularly, he has knowledge and is charismatic.
    thanks for the upload Scott

  14. Scott please make a TON more vids with Ed Brown please!!! This guys the
    shit! learning a lot… Great guy, motivates me!!

  15. thebodybuildingedge

    Gotta love Ed, such a great bodybuilder, excellent form and really funny
    too !

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