What To Eat To Build Lean Muscle – Part 1: Breakfast

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49 thoughts on “What To Eat To Build Lean Muscle – Part 1: Breakfast”

  1. I like a 100% whole wheat bagel toasted. Then I cook up some egg whites and
    throw it on there. Then i open a can of tuna and a little bit of mayo for
    taste and dump that thing onto the bagel too. good stuff. 

  2. This would be good if you didn’t use the microwave. It’s much healthier and
    still just as easy to use the stovetop. Also some fruit in the oatmeal and
    veg in the omelette would be a good idea. Otherwise nice video!

  3. I’m trying to lose weight. So it’s good to eat oatmeal in the morning with
    the egg beaters? I thought the carbs were no good. That must be why I can’t
    do more than 3 sets on my workout without feeling totally drained. I mean
    one time I actually almost fell asleep I was so tired. 

  4. i would love if u could show a closeup of the stuff ure using. cause all u
    got there is not available at the exact same form in austria (where i
    live). for example what kind of salsa is that? what is in there? same for
    the skim milk. stuff gets produced differently. i would really appreciate
    that. thx in advance

  5. Hey Jeff, you mention in the video that you don’t worry so much about
    portion sizes. But shouldn’t you especially with something like oatmeal?
    After all it is a carb and too much of it will definitely pack on the
    pounds. Thoughts?

  6. Blue_Country_Boy

    The carbohydrates are to give your body energy, the calories help the
    muscles grow, and the protein repairs muscles. Just remember not to over do
    the protein. . Too much and your body can’t break it down. Than you’ll end
    up with kidney failure. 

  7. Copy and paste into Google Fat Blast Furnace and you’ll realize why some
    foods ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  8. @ 101xkiba. Not true. It only breaks down the fibers more at the cellular
    level and actually makes it easier for your body to digest. (less work) The
    nutritional value such as protein content does not change but simply
    loosens the bonds that keep the protein together. Protein will still be
    protein. HEAT no matter what source destroys vitamins but not as much as
    you think so no worries. If your pressed for time the nuker is fine.

  9. milk? surprises me with all the hormones and fat. Also, the splenda and not
    stevia? Flavor is one thing but were talking more then just lean muscle,
    internal health. Jeff rocks though, best out there.

  10. Blue_Country_Boy

    All this guy mentioned was to eat protein, and carbohydrates. I will
    correct him by saying how much is enough. When building muscle you need to
    eat 1 gram of protein per body pound. So if you weight 150 lbs eat 150
    grams of protein. Also with calories, you should eat 15 x Bodyweight. I
    would highly recommend to study up macro. It will explain the proper
    nutrition information you should follow. 

  11. Workout At Home Made Easy

    I believe breakfast is an important meal of the day. Cinnamon does not only
    give your food a nice taste, but is also good for your body health.

  12. Scientific research show that you can optimise your muscle building process
    2x-3x faster; just by adjust your nutrition plan. Because the time you
    spend on the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

  13. They laughed when I told them I was going to melt fat with Skinnimaker
    System, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Skinnimaker
    System to see their reaction.

  14. I’d love to know his heart rate and blood pressure when he’s doing those
    sledge swings. My head would be pounding.

  15. @macuser5555 If you’re looking for YT Channels about training that are more
    informative/interactive then I would check these out: smittydiesel,
    ZEvenEsh, strengthcamp, mwich40, jhashey, nilssonnick, jeddjohnson. But if
    you are serious about training I would then go a step further and buy one
    of these guys programs and do it without quitting or jumping to another
    program. Eventually you have to read and self educate, but it starts with
    buying a program written by a professional. Hope this helps.

  16. @macuser5555 Mate, it’s pretty obvious what muscles these exercises work
    and the benefits from them. I don’t see the ‘insane’ exercises you mention
    and if you can’t figure out the benefits of this training then maybe you
    should do some research and learning of your own instead of relying on busy
    guys like Travis to spoon feed you information!

  17. how much rest do you get in between upper body workouts if youre doing all
    your muscle groups at once?

  18. Man, that first move looks like a great way to hurt yourself, but it looks
    like it works for you. Good stuff, man.

  19. i wish to see the dog came n sit next to him n did the same thing he
    does…tht’ll be fun..

  20. Looks like a great workout. I wanna try this out and add it to my routine.
    Where can I buy a chain like the one you use in your video??

  21. Train Aggressive

    @CorrerPorVida you may be OVERTRAINING. 5 hours a day?? Not sure what you
    mean there. That’s a ton of volume! I would recommend adding in a STRENGTH
    ONLY day where you lift heavy weight. stick to 2-3 HIGH INTENSITY circuit
    days a week but the single BIGGEST key to cutting more weight – NUTRITION.
    Cut out ALL sugars, refined and starchy carbs. Focus in on your lean
    proteins, veggies and healthy fats / oils. Good luck and thanks for
    commenting in bro!

  22. I liked Travis in the beginning when he first started doing these videos in
    his gym. He used to be a good teacher for folks like me that aren’t “him”.
    Now he’s become so impersonal and all his videos are all about him just
    working out and doing insane exercises with zero explanation of what
    muscles they work. Also I wish Travis would introduce some nutrition tips
    for those heavy workouts he does. Oh well, hopefully Travis sees this post.
    He seems so into himself here.

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