What Powerlifting Method is best for You?

What Powerlifting Method is best for You?

I’ll tell you it’s not what you think! You can get my books the Cube Method and 365STRONG at www.store.jtsstrength.com.

25 thoughts on “What Powerlifting Method is best for You?”

  1. The ridiculous thing is that (many) people think they’re some kind of
    special flower, and they need a program designed specifically for their
    body… Bullshit.

  2. Keep doin em in the car.. do whatever the fuck you wanna do… do it on a
    roller coaster… a bus… a plane.. while squatting…

  3. Brandon. Love your videos!! next Q&A you should give us an update on how
    your feeling/How your recovery is going. All the best man!

  4. yea brandon should quit giving us useful information cuz some dumbassses
    think its annoying..

  5. Andrew Schofield

    I don’t mind the truck cuz it’s just different. And it prob works great for
    u cuz u can get a video out of the way while yr driving from point a to b.
    saves time. why the fuck not lol

  6. You’re the only thing i can watch without picking up my phone and checking
    instagram or Facebook lol

  7. Love these videos, awesome information always. And the truck adds to the
    personal feel of the video. I agree that figuring out your own method is
    good as you progress in your training. 

  8. they all work the two things you need before starting any training is
    belief the program is going to work and believing that you can achieve
    those goals

  9. It’s amazing how people will complain about getting free advice from one
    the most elite in the world. Do it from the shitter see what they have to
    say about that!

  10. The best program to make the best gains in the one you understand the best,
    just as you said. 100% agree with that. However, I do think that each
    individual lifter has individualized weaknesses and strengths.
    Intuitively, *most* trainees know what they need to work on, but because
    we are all constantly learning, some of us can have a tendency to get too
    much information.

    So the best approach, in my experience, is to follow a program you like and
    believe in. Progress and learn as much as you can about that particular
    program and make tweaks along the way. I personally like lower volume
    programs so that I can really push for high quality workouts and get proper
    recovery afterwards; then come back and hit it hard again and make gains.

    Lower volume makes it easy to add a few things here in there as they are
    needed, IMO.

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