What is Muscle Hypertrophy?

Youtube! Just wanted to upload a video showing you how to build more muscle by focusing on muscle hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the increase in the size of a m…

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50 thoughts on “What is Muscle Hypertrophy?”

  1. Never seen a smaller dude giving me lifting advice… Clearly you know how
    to get big? #HandOverFaceMoment 

  2. Am i the only one or is it hard to believe guys like him if they look not
    even close where someone who klick this video wanna look like ???

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  4. This advice is really good for beginners, but if you’re already lifting
    properly like this for more then let’s say 6 – 12 month (really depending
    on how you advance), then it might be better to switch to high intensity
    training by really pushing up to your limits (more weight, less volume or
    less weight, more volume) until failure in a 45 minute workout, instead of
    working every muscle group more then once a week and that for over an hour.

    As the guy in the video already said: The body adapts to the stress, trying
    to prevent the same damage again… but you want damage in order to build
    more muscle. So switch your habits, get out of your comfort zone and try
    something new!

  5. Amila Amarasinghe

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  6. Hypurtraphy is only the right pronunciation if you live in America or
    Canada. Just like alooo-minum instead of alu-min-ium.

  7. would you guys mind linking the research/studies you guys looked at before
    making this video? I like looking at the research, it is nice to hear it
    all summed up, but I like to be able to read it and see how the studies
    were conducted.

  8. TheMuscleConnection

    OR you could do undulating periodization weekly, have power days upper and
    lower at beginning of the week, hypertrophy days later in the week

  9. TheMuscleConnection

    Thanks bro! I will definitely put something together here soon on this
    topic, thanks for the feedback my friend.

  10. I’m curious about the science behind the suggestion for low rest time
    between sets for hypertrophy ( rather than say , endurance or metabolic
    conditioning) Are there relevant studies I should read that you could
    suggest ?

  11. TheMuscleConnection

    Serious? lol Biceps do not need that much direct work, if you’re not seeing
    much growth in your biceps start doing more compound exercises with back
    (rows, weighted chins) followed by one or two isolation movements for biceps

  12. Lethal Injection

    al I know is my chest and knees burn after riding my bike for a few hours.
    lol I hope this helps.

  13. I hope this help me kick the footy further 😛 only time will tell, atm im
    kicking 30 – 40 metres at my BEST so i really got to get training!

  14. in horse riding
    leg strength is the important thing to really work out with
    and i have that problem

  15. I am a Mountain Biker and this helped me A LOT!
    The exercises are aimed exactly were mtb biker’s legs need training.

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  22. Benny Chanthavong

    bend your knees outward so you do not shot out your knees like all of the
    thai boxers who do muay thai

  23. It looks like your right leg is a little stronger than your left. Just
    sayin’. Thanks for the tips!

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