What is “HOT YOGA?”

A bottle of water. An absorbent towel. A yoga mat. And thee. These simple items, when combined with a hot yoga class, can be the catalyst for a body/mind rev…
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Hot Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Fit- Denise Austin is a 30-minute, body-slimming Yoga workout that is designed to melt away fat and define a leaner physique thr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 thoughts on “What is “HOT YOGA?””

  1. This is the best explanation of hot yoga that I have heard. I can tell that
    it is not for me. I love yoga but the hot aspect doesn’t appeal to me. I
    have other means of detox that work great for me. I’m a type B person so
    being in a hot studio is not my idea of releasing stress. My mountain bike
    fills that void. But that being said, I can sure appreciate it now.

  2. I think it’s for crazy masochist people to undergo this torture. Human are
    not made to live in a environment at boiling temperature. You stupid
    disinformating people.

  3. You also have to hydrate before class too. Your body takes 20 minutes to
    realize that it’s dehydrating. So hydrating before you get thirsty is
    always a safe bet.

  4. Frederick Appleby

    I couldn’t do yoga in a room full of hot women. I’d have a full blown
    erection in no time.

  5. It is so great for beginner! I have been searching for it for long time!
    Thanks for sharing it on web. Love it!

  6. Great yoga workout. I did a 30 minutes pilate and a bit Jillian’s yoga
    workout before coming here. Despite I’m a beginner, both in pilate and
    yoga, I was still able to finish it. The only problem is that in some moves
    my wrist hurt. Overall, I like it. It was way better than Jillian

  7. Erica Villanueva

    would have liked more of a cardoo aspect but i still love these videos
    thank you for sharing

  8. Danielle Mitchell

    i really enjoyed this. ive just started yoga and i love that this is
    accessible for me to do at home and its not super advanced. thanks for the

  9. Have you heard about Xvelte Slimming Formula? (look for it on google) It is
    a quick and easy way to burn calories fast.

  10. I’ve always done hot yoga, but now that i live in the middle of nowhere i’m
    stuck for a fitness routine. This is my first time using a video as my
    “instructor”! and it was GREAT! 30 was a bit short, but it was great! Thank

  11. Thank a lot…just there are two moves that I really can not do…what
    would you recommend that I should do meanwhile or I just need to try my
    best and just approach that move ? am over weighted for 12 kg :(… But
    still I enjoy this routine a lot….thanks

  12. Mobile Yoga Ubud

    Yoga is the best solution to make us healthy. With a good instructor all
    the benefits that yoga can give will squeeze into your weak parts of your
    body. Thanks!

  13. I really like the overall feeling of getting a good stretch, but definitely
    too slow for intermediate. Great for beginners. Namaste’!

  14. Basic Yoga Positions

    Thanks so much Denise for sharing this video! I SO like your positive and
    warm vibe! Makes me feel like I’m in good hands:-)

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