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Snatch, Part 3, How To, Olympic Weightlifting

The third and final instructional video on learning the snatch for Olympic Weightlifting, taught by the California Strength Team. Jon North, Donny Shankle, a…
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28 thoughts on “Welcome to Catalyst Athletics: Olympic Weightlifting Channel”

  1. Wait, you think it’s funny that I ”think” I can know someone over the
    internet, yet that’s the exact vibe you give off in all of your comments?

  2. Been doing this with my personal trainer for a few weeks, arrh, still can’t
    get it right very often.

  3. NotDavidCameron1

    You can injure yourself doing anything in the gym, the key to being
    successful is to get your testicles together and going for it anyway, but
    then again you wouldn’t know about that, would you? just post how dangerous
    it is on youtube and call it a day.

  4. Thank you for this series. Really succinct and helpful. If you get a chance
    to video some of the complexes you have your guys finish with, that would
    be great too. Then a beginner could really make good use of your novice
    program :o)

  5. apparently the hodge twins don’t do squats, just leg press machine…
    because they have bad knees or something… once I heard that I stopped
    watching their strength videos (but their Q&A vids make me laugh).

  6. NotDavidCameron1

    Wow, you take pride in the fact you spent five years fucking around, holy
    shit, give up bro, you’re not gonna make it. And lol at copying your style,

  7. It shows control, but if you can slower lower a a bar with many, many kilos
    over (greens are 10kg) but seriously, If someone wanted me to slow and
    controlled lower 130kg+, not gonna happen. Just sayin

  8. I don’t think you’re as great as you’re trying to be. I mean, you are
    trying so hard to impress someone over the internet.

  9. as the guy states at the end of the video, once you reach this point you
    are ready to start snatching. Start being the key word, A snatch is a very
    explosive movement but learning requires several stages, control and an
    extremely high volume or reps. Hence the 40kg demo weight. Just sayin.

  10. LOL says the kid with no avi. obvious troll is obvious. Not only was that
    from 2007, but it’s tiny as hell. How do you think you have an accurate
    depiction of me? Good luck with your 100lbs of muscle tough guy, now go
    back to curling in the squat rack while the big boys do the classic lifts
    ok? Obviously squats, c&j and snatches are too dangerous for you

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