Weightlifting – Men – 69kg Group A – London 2012 Olympic Games

WL10 – Men – 69kg Group A – Weightlifting – 31 July 2012 – London 2012 Olympic Games.

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25 thoughts on “Weightlifting – Men – 69kg Group A – London 2012 Olympic Games”

  1. i was actually wondering if you were joking tho =P because a concusion
    would be a delightfull massage compared to what he did, overextending his
    neck and back joints. and overstretched about every muscle and tendon in
    his neck back and hamstrings. so i was really just wondering and hoping you
    were joking that it looked like a concussion.

  2. yes that is what i’m saying, my max snatch of a 100kg isn’t that impressive
    as 196.. but it would have hurt enough just to lose 100kg on my neck, and i
    would have been quite suprised

  3. yeah thats what I mean what you or I can take is completely different from
    what someone like him can take before he breaks. congrats on breaking the
    hundred btw

  4. i know he did injure his neck ligament and his back muscles but aside from
    that, the expression on his face is hard to read is it just post traumatic
    shock or a concussion. but I looked it up just now and there was no

  5. yeah, hey thanks man 🙂 very happy about it myself, unfortunantly i injured
    my forearm snatching a 100 thou.. haha, coming back stronger than ever i

  6. woodlandcammo27

    Anyone who makes it to this level deserves a medal. Olympic weightlifting
    isnt just going to the gym and doing some bicep curls and leg extensions.
    This is true core and inner strength to to this. Form, balance and
    explosive power. Congrats to all at the Olympic games!

  7. The crowd for weightlifting at London 2012 was freaking amazing, showing
    loud support, respect and knowledge of the sport.

  8. i think he was more in shock, considering that 196kg fell down on his neck
    i would have been quite caught of guard to..

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