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  1. another great workout ! i’ve been doing your workout for about a month now and im so happy with the results ^^ you guys are the best !
    btw if i want to slim down my calves which workout do you suggest for me plz ?

  2. FitnessBlender

    Great! Kudos on your results so far. We have a calves workout and a new one on the way, soon. Any of our lower body workouts also incorporate the calf muscles, too.

  3. FitnessBlender

    Choose a weight that is very difficult to lift by the last few reps, without sacrificing proper form. The right weight will be specific to each person.

  4. catieXissaXhero

    I was just wondering, which would be good for running in track? More for speed, and endurance. Many thanks to these great videos btw! Maybe make a discus thrower workout?(: Core, and strength would be awesome!

  5. FitnessBlender

    If you reduce bf% drastically, your chest could shrink, as breasts are fat tissue.

  6. FitnessBlender

    Most importantly, you just don’t want to be holding your breath at any one point. Traditionally, it’s exhale on exertion or lift, inhale on release.

  7. FitnessBlender

    It may be that you need to drop more fat content. Different muscle groups come along at different rates, that’s pretty normal. You could also work a little extra emphasis on the muscle groups you feel are coming along more slowly.

  8. Josephineso2003

    Fitness Blender, please guide me how to do the proper breathing for the moves. Example: Deadlifts + Reverse Flys. Is it Inhale down to deadlift then exhale for the reverse flys? Or Exhale down to deadlift and inhale for the reverse flys? sorry coz I get confused on some combined movements. 🙁

  9. You guys are so great!! Thank you so much for these video’s, as human beings we should try to make a difference in this world and the lives of our fellow humans and you guys are doing both!! What a way to make your mark in this life, many blessings too you and your wife!!

  10. Hi:
    What size weights are being used in this video. I’ve been using 5lb weights but I can’t do all the reps with that weight. Should I use a smaller weight and if I do would I still get the same results or it would take longer to see?

  11. FitnessBlender

    $150/Month ?! Wow that is high, most people would not be able to put that towards a gym membership. Glad we could save you some $!

  12. DaniFreeBird95

    Hey guys, I find that when I do upper body and arm workouts my shoulders are becoming more defined than the rest of my arms, my biceps are coming out too but that’s it.
    Am I doing something wrong or does anybody have any suggestions or tips/advice to help?

  13. thank you so much for these free workouts. They are awesome and I just couldn’t be any happier with the results!!!! 😀

  14. FitnessBlender

    Thank you! We are happy to be able to help and the concept that we could be making a difference is an incredible feeling.

  15. I will as soon as I buy them. 😛 I’ve been using 5 lbs, and recently, they’ve felt so light. So I’ll be graduating to 8 lbs soon! I’ll let you know all about the burn then, haha!

  16. Hello, have you tried “Belly Fat Blaze” (do a Google search for it)? On their website you will find a beneficial free video. This made it possible for Todd to get rid of his abdominal fat. I hope it will work for you as well.

  17. I want to lose body fat and build lean muscle athletic muscle that will help me in speed football So im doing the weight workouts and hiit workouts and al kinds of workouts on this channel. I hope it works

  18. FitnessBlender

    Choose a weight that is very difficult to lift by the last few reps, without sacrificing proper form. The right weight will be specific to each person.

  19. FitnessBlender

    No such thing as a male or female workout, really; either gender can do any of our workouts 🙂

  20. FitnessBlender

    It takes a lot of work to get huge & muscly it’s not going to sneak up on you or happen on accident. More muscle = faster metabolism & a more capable body = a fit, lean & healthy body.

  21. wow this workout is great, butt, thigs, chest, arms… all at the same time it’s perfect for me thanks guys

    1. Oh, can’t resist a suevry.1) I have never been much of a cheese person. Growing up, my family would load up the cheese into all their foods, but I never really cared that much for it. Sometimes, in Europe, we get some cheese in the country, but never know what “kind” it is but it’s excellent! Since I started this diet I have learned to appreciate cheese even more and regularly. Shredded cheddar is good melted or cold, mozzarella too. Always been kind of a fan of Brie. Over the past year I tried goat cheese for the first time and fell in love!!! And I even learned to appreciate Parmesan and feta cheese, which I didn’t care for before.2) Time of day? Depends! 3) I don’t much workout to music anymore – I like music but I also like the sounds of the world. But I will say that, back in the day of CD players (before iPods and playlists) I would take in Ben Folds’ Whatever and Ever Amen to workout on the elliptical. Sets a good pace, and inspires!4) I have so many pet peeves. I actually hate it when people go out of their way to hold a door open for me. Or when pedestrians walk in front of cars, and when cars yield to pedestrians instead of just going by – pedestrians hold up cars much longer than cars hold up pedestrians!!!5) Been back to the gym made me proud.

  22. FitnessBlender

    They will definitely help improve sport performance! We have some speed training workouts coming up, make sure and watch out for those.

  23. hey can i ask something? is it true that when i have more muscle mass. i will burn more fat?

  24. FitnessBlender

    You can learn about all of our education/degrees, certifications, experience and qualifications in our About Us video 🙂

  25. blessingnblessing

    u said before if u want to build body mass u can workout with weights.So if i did dis wid weight i gain body mass….i ned to lose weight with out making my body huge or muscly?

  26. Jocelyn Patterson

    What a great workout! I love the strength training vids. Thank you 🙂 I’ve been with your channel for about 3 months doing 2-4ish videos a week in supplement with my organic vegan diet. You guys have inspired me to make my goals about more than just weight loss, but to have health and fitness as a part of my lifestyle. I feel great! (5’4 135lbs down to 120lbs).

  27. Hi yah, does this exercise help tone your latissimus dorsi? if not can you please recommend one of your work out that will help tone there, thanks in advance.

  28. FitnessBlender

    All of them – you can’t spot reduce. Cardio, and allover strength training (like this workout) + a healthy diet can help you drop arm fat.

  29. 1. What is your favorite chseee??Any chseee 🙂 But if I had to pick one it would be 4 year old cheddar.2. What is your favorite time of day to workout??Late afternoon.3. What is one of your favorite songs to workout to??It’s raining men :)4. What’s your biggest pet peeve??I have too many now-a-days :S A recent pet peeve? People who wear shoes that are obviously the wrong size (chances are they just got them because they were cheap and didn’t have their size left!). And also people who let their children run wild while shopping.5. What have you done in the last week to make yourself proud??I’ve been bringing my lunch to work, and starting to slow down my coke zero consumption.

  30. FitnessBlender

    A combo of our routines is best- don’t do the same one for months, mix it up with our others (we have some that are similar to this one but that work the muscles in a different way) for best results!

  31. Even when nevertheless wonderful (we are nevertheless during the 80’s!!!) – they’re wonderful for hockey games and stylin’ although cheering within the house staff!!!

  32. Kelly Crookston

    I know you said you’re supposed to do strength training at least 3-4 times a week. Would this be a good strength training video for the total body that I could do 3-4 times a week? Or should I be doing other strength training videos?

  33. FitnessBlender

    Yes of course these workouts help people. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating; the only variable in whether or not these workouts “work” is whether or not you’re willing to put in the work to DO them. Stop observing as a skeptic and get started, and you will become your own proof that they work.

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