Weight-Loss Exercises : Cycling Tips for Weight Loss

There are several ways you can lose weight from cycling, such as going up hill or down hill or adding resistance. Start cycling to lose weight with help from…
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11 thoughts on “Weight-Loss Exercises : Cycling Tips for Weight Loss”

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  5. Love your videos! 🙂 been helping me lose weight and get a routine going at
    the gym when i first started. Thanks!

  6. ihaveawesomevids

    Jesus Christ not a single deadlift was done right. All of them, their first
    movement was to straighten their legs, lifted with all back. That’s how you
    get hurt. 

  7. Good form for the most part, I realize they are max lifts for the most part
    so form is compensated a bit. Especially the last guy, maybe he should do
    some yoga exercises to loosen up his lower back. The woman in the turquose
    top had terrible form.

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