21 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Workouts for the Gym”

  1. Nikollette Escudero

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  3. what work out is it called when you standing over a bar and lift it over your head repeatedly? always wondered what that was called?

  4. mojarealnost

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  5. Joseph phillips

    I don’t like people who try ti lift more than they are able to, If you cant get it up 8 times you have no business lifting it….

  6. Awesome bro!
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  7. Miguel Maldonado

    I was only 17 and 240 was only my warm up. This guy is so weak. Lol

  8. Robert Riggle

    All you teenagers who are so strong now..keep it up…the worst feeling in the world is knowing you’ve lost all the hours of hard work. Weed Beer and video games will DRAIN YOU OF YOUR POWERS

  9. chubblesknowsall

    im 16 and i can bench more these guys. 225 all the way. d line for life

  10. MoreViralVideos

    dont worry about things like that man and if you are trying to get around the crowds try going really early or really late like me 🙂 even though i do it because i dont like to wait on machines not to avoid strong looking people.

  11. johnnycheck99

    Something i could never do-join a gym and lift weights. These places have groups of huge guys who work out together and stare at ‘weaklings’ and wonder why they are there!!! Very intimidating. I’d like to find somewhere that isn’t like that.

  12. nice gym !!. awsome exersizes. would love a gym like that in my country. nice vid 😀

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