Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs

Build trapezius muscles in weight lifting with behind the back barbell shrug exercises. Learn to do behind the back barbell shrug exercises with tips from a …
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Front barbell shrug weight lifting exercises strengthen trapezius muscles. Learn to do front barbell shrug exercises with tips from a personal trainer in thi…
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50 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Exercises : Weight Lifting Exercises: Behind the Back Barbell Shrugs”

  1. i like the build of this guy, it looks like something that can be achieved natural, but with a lot of dedicated work.

  2. do them on a smith machine so you can move your hips forward and get your ass out of the way and straps or grip hooks are a good call, use them only for the heaviest sets so that you can still build grip strength while ramping up to your max weight sets.

  3. keep wearing the yellow shirt and plant pants it makes your videos easier to find.

  4. I really love this exercise and it works very good for me, but my ass stands in my way when I’m doing this exercise.

  5. 50centfaneminem

    try putting 3 plates on the bar and slowly contract. your grip will give out before your muscles do. so finger tips make no sense i mean unless u dont want to grow

  6. 50centfaneminem

    when the weight get heavy you got grip it and wear straps. fingertips is not good advice

  7. hey i got the same when i first started. but i got the ass problem solved! i bend my knee a little bit and pinch my shoulder blades together. this exercise is great to work your middle and lower traps which require pinching your shoulder blades together.

  8. NotYourAverageJoe321

    lmao, i dunno about most ppl but i for one cant workout with an erection, it just doesnt work, sometimes i randomly get 1 when im lifting weights, and i just wait for it to go away

  9. Rebecca Cervantez-Foley

    your demonstrations are great…informative and straight to the point. Thanks!

  10. this looked like the best vid for “barbell back exercises” … cos hes a buff black dude

  11. oh dude! I thought I was the only one that couldn’t get that bar past my ass! Thanks for the comment, it gave me a good laugh, lol.

  12. A Cam bar works so much better. Doing it behind your back doesn’t allow you to use much weight. Using a straight bar in front makes you tend to lean a little forward. The Cam bar allows you to hold your hands at your sides while your ‘shrug’ with your traps. You can use a lot of weight with good form.

  13. Mate i normally do 3 sets of either 12,8 or 6 & if your struggling to keep up the same reps throughtout the excercise, i would advise you to lower the weights to a comfortable weight which is liftable but also works your muscles. Keep a notepad with your excercise/weight(what your lifting) so you can see when you are improving 🙂 hope this was helpful

  14. I really love the video. Appreciate You tube because of this type of stuff…My step brother was previously bullied. He explained he was planning to get bigger. I did not believe him. Til out of thin air he added 40 pounds of 100 % pure muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible – look in Google. No-one dares to intimidate him these days.

    I personally signed up a few days ago. And this guys emails are fucking great…

  15. That is so fucking annoying. I just tried barbells shurgs today because The DBs were getting light and it was just hitting my junk everytime.

  16. IceFreshProductions

    Depends what you aim to achieve? For muscle do more reps rather than heavy weight and less reps. Do it till your traps burn then no more oor you will over do and not gain muscle

  17. TheChainsOFMisery

    forget about reps and sets…you shouldnt limit yourself to a pre-set number of sets and reps…every exercise you do you gotta do it till failure…do as many sets as you can till you couldnt possible do one more rep…each muscle should be worked once a week so on the day youre working that muscle you gotta give it all you got.(since its gonna be resting for a week )

  18. whitelotus808

    just a correction, its Smith Machine, not smooth machine. Typo in the subs. Aside from that, it shouldnt take years to build a decent amount of muscle mass, depending on where you are, just around 8 months to a year of religious lifting and proper diet, following your needs to build muscle mass. The traps are worked out almost all the time when lifting as a secondary or ‘assisting’ muscle. I trained my trapezius every other session and noticed a decent gain in a few months following a powersplit

  19. Rychal Resurrecion-Gano

    training the same muscles everyday will do the opposite of what you’re going for. You need resting days for your muscles to recover. You wanna build muscle, not kill it.

  20. ProJectMuslceGain

    Dont train traps more than once a week, do 4 sets of 8-12 rep once a week doing this exercise

  21. there’s something i agree with, do you know how many pricks try to throw their weight around on you tube? i consider you a moral crusader, keep it up. unless you can think of something better to do with your time than telling people they’re being pricks on you tube when they already know they’re being pricks.

  22. As it happens, I sound completely different to this guy, probably since I don’t even live on the same continent.

    However, I do have a distinctive accent and dialect that I am not 100% happy with, so maybe I am just sympathising with the guy. Though I really think you are just being a prick for the sake of it.

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