Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners : Inner Thigh Weight Lifting Exercise for Beginners

Learn the essentials of how to do the inner thigh workout in this free exercise video on weight lifting for beginners. Expert: Kirk Watt Bio: Kirk Watt is th…
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25 thoughts on “Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners : Inner Thigh Weight Lifting Exercise for Beginners”

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  5. Mark Leighton

    Did that machine for the 1st time this weekend and now i can hardly walk it hurts so bad..

  6. mate this aint a good exercise for the dick lool its actually bad, makes your dick go smaller fuck dat!

  7. darksidehavok

    If your at a gym and your worried about being gay then you probably already are…lol

  8. MagicKnightUmi

    I do this at the gym. I didn’t know you can tough the pad things. I know now for next time thank you

  9. yea this shits painful at first but i keep doing it so i can strengthin my dick

  10. blockfrenzydude

    god i HATE that fucking machine. i overdid it and i couldn’t walk for a week and a half

  11. LifeIs2Kewl2013

    I really need to do that exercise, too bad my weight room doesn’t have that one:/…..I think:P

  12. Thats not an advantage for anything. A big dick is. Big balls what can u do with them?

  13. TornEvilZombie

    I like how he says make sure you touch them, then when he starts doing it he doesn’t come close to touching. expert village is shit. if you guys want a good laugh go look at the drum videos by them.

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