Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers: An Ectomorph Guide to Build Muscle Mass! PART ONE

In the first of the 2 videos I will make for ‘hardgainers’ I will mostly talk about the right nutrition. You don’t have to measure every bite you take, espec…
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25 thoughts on “Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers: An Ectomorph Guide to Build Muscle Mass! PART ONE”

  1. Jerome, I’m a 13 year old teenager and I’m ectomorphic. My parents
    repeatedly tell me to gain weight when I’m eating as much as possible, but
    I somehow don’t… I’m in 8th grade and you should already know that we
    carry a bunch of books around so how am I supposed to lift weights without
    hurting my arms so it won’t be flappy and be sore? Thanks bro.

  2. Can someone explain Rule 5 to me? I’ve always been working out 5 days a
    week for the past two years and while yes, I have seen results. It’s really
    tough for me to grasp my mind around the fact that working out once to
    three times a day is better. Thanks, great video btw. 

  3. About 130-150 I think. That’s around 20% of my calorie intake and I won’t
    go much higher than that as it’s not useful.

  4. He’s totally right. Especially about giving your body time to rest between
    work outs, the building takes place during this healing time so get rest.
    Sleep also plays a big factor, 7-8 hours per night at least. Thanks Jerome
    for posting this!

  5. Work on your bigger muscle groups more rather than biceps which are small
    and don’t make weight easily. You’re 100 kg and are skinny? How tall are
    you then? Actually what I say in this video and in the second part (see
    video or description for the link to part 2) should be very helpful
    already. What I would say is basically derived from what I already explain
    in these videos. Also, how are you so sure you have enough calories? You’ll
    need a huge amount of food since you’re tall and pretty heavy.

  6. It doesn’t really have to feel like a burning sensation. However, if you
    feel the exercises don’t do anything for you (so if the don’t make you
    grow) then you should be very critical about the form you use. Try to use a
    squeezing action when you are on top of the movement (so squeeze when you
    are performing the squat and push yourself back up and squeeze when you are
    doing the upward motion with the bench press.

  7. You didn’t understand my previous comment. I actually said it does make you
    grow and you already stated that you went from 55kg to 81 kg. SO I figured
    you didn’t have to ask me that question, because you already had the proof
    that it worked.

  8. Hey man i have really small calves which is unsightly but its genetic and
    my gym doesnt hav calf machines. I hav only 5kg dumbells at home and dont
    know how my stubborn calves can grow big. Any solutions would be nice

  9. Nah, that’s not really true. It’s easier for your body to digest smaller
    meals, rather than a few big ones. Most people who are naturally thin or
    who have trouble gaining weight struggle eating a couple of big meals and
    that’s why more smaller meals often works better. If you’re thin you could
    also more easily get low blood sugar and then feel weak or exhausted or
    even dizzy.

  10. Excessive protein WILL turn in fat. You thought your body would just dump
    it? Of course not, it saves it for later. I often recommend high fats as
    well. I don’t have to add that they have to be healthy I guess, but I just
    did anyway.

  11. True, but many people can not eat 3 very large meals and it also is easier
    for your body to digest smaller portions, which is why I usually recommend

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  13. So if I get your message correctly you still want to gain muscle mass,
    right? If that’s the case do what you’ve done so far. If you again hit a
    plateau you should use the same tips I gave you back then. If your calorie
    intake isn’t high enough for your needs you should once again lower it. If
    190-195 is enough for you, then that’s it. I would try to cut down a bit of
    fat if that’s what you want. There is no need to cut carbs or do cardio.
    You can stop adding more weights or intensity.

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