Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout

Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout

GET MY DVD:♥ Wanna get those toned Victoria Secret Model Abs? Okay! Here ‘s how! This is a full Pilates routine to Taylor Swif…
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25 thoughts on “Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout”

  1. That Gibson Girl

    I love how your videos get RIGHT TO THE CORE and target key areas without
    too much movement. Your videos are the spark notes of exercise videos!

  2. How can I still work out my abs with out tail bone more? Please
    been with my goal to loose weight for almost 6 months 

  3. aaahhhh my abs are so not strong enough to go non-stop! thank you for the
    hilarious dance at the end

  4. I really love this workout ! I did it a couple of times, and this time it
    felt a lot easier.. but I did have to stop a few times during those
    mini-cercles and big-cercles because my legs hurt more than my abs.. I
    guess i’m not focusing on the right part of my body
    But anyways it’s awesomee!

  5. i just started exercising and man this workout was good my abs hurt, i did
    stop several times but its my frist time am trying my best i will do this
    every other day or so 🙂 

  6. would you be able to tell me how many reps of each exercise? just so i can
    write it in my notebook for the gym!

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