vegan bodybuilder Karl Ess about building MUSCLE – part 1

vegan bodybuilder Karl Ess about building MUSCLE - part 1

Building muscle? It’s easy with ▻▻▻ As a vegan bodybuilder, I want to share with you some vegan bodybuilding tips and hints about buil…
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25 thoughts on “vegan bodybuilder Karl Ess about building MUSCLE – part 1”

  1. Eat like Karl and you’ll always have a great cut. Fat eaters have to starve
    themselves to be cut.

  2. Potato Strong

    Don’t listen to the neanderthal comments (most whom are faceless) – this is
    the way to go! You’re ripped and they still don’t want to accept it. So
    much ignorance and brainwashing out there about meat/dairy thanks to good

  3. JSaneOffishial

    Ok, so he said protein is at 20%???? That can’t be right. Protein is the
    building block of muscle. Nothing wrong with lots of carbs depending on the
    person. Carbs=energy. But protein= muscle building and recovery. They’re
    both very important along with the micros.

  4. Julian B. Zacco Nievas

    This guy needs some serious training to make videos.. Dude, if you are not
    good at winging it think about what you are going to say in advance!

  5. Nothing wrong with being a vegan, but just like every other vegan out there
    he’s hilariously misinformed and straight up lying on most points. What a

  6. how can you hate somebody 4 trying to help people? lmao so many assholes
    stuck thinking with they dick…high carb veganism WORKS man. this dudes
    not on stimulants obviously. He has glucose 

  7. Jahova Fitness

    This dudes on somethin but i like it! I really enjoyed his rant.
    Interesting style he has! Big ups

  8. Jonathan Mendez

    Gregory Armani has a point with all the soy bullshit they ingest lol
    nothing will beat meat on cycle off cycle ….humans were meant to eat meat
    etc vegetarian bb are morons it’s like trying to change the diet In a lion
    from meat to plants lol

  9. are there subliminal messages in this video or maybe I hear your body
    screaming, but suddenly I really need lots of pig fat, bacon,…

  10. inculoasorata

    This guy has a future as a comedian, but not as a well informed nutritional

  11. You need red meat to build mass according to body builder nutritionists. I
    am guessing you don’t have a degree in nutrition.

  12. You look great man..How long have you been bodybuilding vegan? 100% natural
    minus steroids? 

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