16 thoughts on “Using Bar Path In Olympic Weightlifting”

  1. Crackys pretty much hit the nail on the head with this; I’ve been doing my
    masters and focusing on snatch kinetics and kinematics. Most of the
    research supports these bar paths. Look at Stone, Gourgoulis, Campos, Chiu,
    Garhammer for opinions from people with “credentials.”

  2. thank you so much for the analysis. our coach keeps saying make it a
    straight line but i know it’s not straight. im a beginner and just
    searching and learning stuff. according to your analysis, does Xiaojun Lu
    has the backward tendency, esp the 1st lift? but his form looks perfect to
    me… no? youtube.com/watch?v=Etpg_PfFiZ8 thanks again for your time

  3. @aadd74 Basically it’s the same for both lifts except the snatch is caught
    higher than the clean. Jerk trajectory is much simpler, straight line in
    dip and goes down ~10% of persons height, bar goes straight up during the
    drive, once the lifter begins to drop under the bar it should hook back
    towards the lifter to lockout.

  4. I’ve seen the “line thing” and knew it was related to bar path. Didn’t know
    anything else though. This helps a lot! Thank you.

  5. I found a beginner’s trajectory but not due to over thrusted hips during
    second pull but rather by giving the second pull way down the hip.

  6. Wow, good job! What software did you use to collect the motion data? I’ve
    looked at MotionAnalysis’s software, but it’s far too expensive and a bit
    of overkill for just looking at my own lifting.

  7. Not to take credit away from you, but what are your “credentials” with
    olympic weight lifting? I only ask because I’ve heard different things, but
    I’m going to trust the more professional or experienced opinion.

  8. @KillingTime6 My credentials? None at all. All of my opinions in this video
    are formed from reading countless Soviet books from the mid 70’s to late
    80’s over and over again until they made sense. Recently I have talked to
    my own coach who has been coaching international level lifters for close to
    twenty years in Cuba and Venezuela with a few pan-am champions and top ten
    world’s lifters under his belt, what he says is the same exact things I
    learned from the books.

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