Upper Body Flexibility for Olympic Weightlifting

Upper Body Flexibility for Olympic Weightlifting

Glenn Pendlay and Jon North go over upper body flexibility and stretches at California Strength. In particular the flexibility needed for proper positions in…

http://www.wilfleming.com This is the first phase of our 3 phase warm-up for Olympic lifting. This is phase 1 mobility for Olympic lifting. In this barbell w…

32 thoughts on “Upper Body Flexibility for Olympic Weightlifting”

  1. Matthew Jones

    Thanks for the stretches. How close should my hands finally be to my body
    while doing the rotation to be considered flexible enough to commence
    snatching properly?

  2. Collin Mazzeno

    On the second stretch… “push up on his shoulders until you feel a lot of
    resistance, see some pain in his eyes…..then just give him a couple
    delicate kisses on the nose and let him know it will all be okay”

  3. Hello, I’ve got a slight kyphosis curve in my thoracic spine when in front
    squat rack, any tips/ideas how to correct posture?

  4. WVU Benjisaur

    I was taught your arms should be locked straight and the bar should rest in
    the crease of the hips, you can test this by pulling your knee to your
    chest while holding the bar, if the bar hits your thigh before your thigh
    is at 90 degrees to your hip your grip is too narrow.

  5. Load the bar heavy in a power rack and hook the heavy weight bands to the
    pull up bar in the rack and slide your arms in. Not as good as a partner
    but it works.

  6. Lars stevenson

    I think I can do it without a partner by squating while in rack position
    but resting elbows on the edge of a table or something on that order to get
    the stretch.

  7. Probably the first time in the history of youtube that an insult was good
    enough to shut a stupid person up. nice work

  8. Hi Will, great video, I realize that the other phases will be coming put
    when warming up should this be done once or in a series of rounds??

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