Ultimate TRX Total CORE Destruction For 6-Pack Abs and V-Cut “Be a 10 in 2010”

View TRX Pro Pack Here! http://tinyurl.com/SHF-TRX (2:39)- Routine Sets & Reps (3:00)- Suspended Crunch (Knees To Chest) (3:36)- Suspended Crunch 2 (Pike) (4:17)- Pendulum (5:21)- Pendulum…
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36 thoughts on “Ultimate TRX Total CORE Destruction For 6-Pack Abs and V-Cut “Be a 10 in 2010””

  1. Go to home depot or wal mart lol….same straps for 5 bucks rated at over
    1500 lbs. Great tool….rip off price.

  2. Some serious lifters laugh at TRX or jungle gym, but then you try and it
    and it’s fucking tough.

  3. You and I both are chatty in our videos – I think it is because we want our
    clients to be safe and get all the form cues. It’s something I’m always
    trying to get better at! So many people demo TRX exercises with horrible
    form or rapid speed that isn’t appropriate for many. Your body alignment
    is great and your slow tempo makes the exercises even more challenging.
    Thanks for a great video.

  4. I remember the first time I did TRX pike-ups LOL I was like “Oh you have
    GOT to be kidding me.” I still cry a little bit every time I do them. Ha!

  5. victor starly Machuca

    stop talking and do the workout! in all your videos you talk too much!

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    Ultimate TRX Total CORE Destruction For 6-Pack Abs and V-Cut “Be a 10 in

  7. Damn man, yesterday i was in the gym and tried some stuff you showed xD.
    This TRX is amazing but, when i do the crunches it is shaking in every
    direction. But i believe if im better trained in the core, then it look
    cool, too ;D

  8. nyc workout videos…enjoyed..learnt…tried….its freaking tough…
    trx…reduce the prices bro…ur sales vl groom…resulting into better
    profits…n customer reach :)

  9. You make it look so easy and this is hard! I cannot even do the suspended
    oblique crunches at all. 

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  11. Patrick Saladin

    Bin beeindruckt. Habe schon lange genug von Handeln und Stangen, einseitige
    und monotone Abläufe. Das ist ne super und multiple Übungsart. Find ich

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