Ultimate Quick Ab Exercise: Core Strength Workout: Low Back Pain Relief How to

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Train your abs on every exercise you do with this workout… http://athleanx.com/x/get-insane-abs-while-building-muscle Ab workouts are usually performed eithe…
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50 thoughts on “Ultimate Quick Ab Exercise: Core Strength Workout: Low Back Pain Relief How to”

  1. Having really enjoyed some of your other stretching and back pain yoga
    videos by Jen Hilman, I today tried this exercise, and immediately felt my
    right hamstring tighten. I now have a searing pain in my right hip area
    that I had managed to lesson over the past month to the point where I could
    again stand and walk fairly freely. Surely this maneuver is too strenuous?

  2. Harvey Artagglacte

    You could remove your back-pain once and for all by modify your eating plan
    a little – I’ve try and now nearly relief all the pain. In my opinion you
    should try it

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  4. Sorry I just had to tell someone. Did you know if you move the arrow keys
    around when the video is buffering, you can play SNAKES!!?!?

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    stress on these problem areas.

  6. Hiyaaaa! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google
    cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my
    brother in law got great 6 pack abs and lost a ton of weight with it.

  7. I’m gonna like the video because I like the video, but not because I had
    any pain in my lower back. :))) Love this exercise:)

  8. @Sokua I’m glad we agree, on one thing at least…I’m a guy…Past his
    thirties, which is why I suppose, I’m attracted to women that look like,
    well, women! ;^) Cheers!

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  10. @ItalianTony86 Sorry to break it to you but she’s not a real girl than!
    Probably a grey alien clone, a doppleganger or simulacrum.

  11. love this… this is functional movements and not just getting ur abs
    bigger. This way the abs learn to work with body like it should. Great
    exercises for sports.

  12. Im not skinny im not fat but im just above average. I have a flat chest and
    i cant lose my belly fat…i play soccer/football every day. Saturday and
    monday are intense. I do mma tuesday and thursday.(started last week) but i
    have done soccer/football all my life. How do I actually lose my belly fat
    so the abs are visible? Please help. Im 16 and need to look good in the
    summer. Thank you

  13. But most of us have a thick fat covering our perfect abs 🙁 i’m hopeless. I
    look lean but has flab around my stomach. Even I lost a lot of weight by
    cardio and right now by strength training and careful eating, it’s still
    there :'( I guess I blame the genes. We store fats in our abdominal first
    and it burns last. First In Last Out!

  14. Constructive criticism: For someone who doesn’t know this
    movements/exercises, its quite hard to know what the movement should be
    like and also the setup in regards to where the band is attaching in
    correlation to your body etc. Especially in the ones where the band is off
    screen or your legs are out of shot. I believe its to do with the camera
    angle as I’ve noticed this before on your videos.

    Could you possibly film ‘exercise videos’ with two camera angles or maybe
    add useful hints on screen whilst the exercise is showing (e.g. keep should
    blades retracted, cable/band at chest height). Keep up the good work!

  15. Jeff, can you make another bicep growing video because i seem to be feeling
    more tension in my biceps and feeling a better mind-muscle connection when
    i do isometric contractions with my elbow a bit below 90 degrees.

  16. I get lots of conflicting info between all of the fitness channels I’m
    subscribed to. But when ever I hear something from. You i know that what
    you said is right. Your my go to fitness channel

  17. I just purchased the ax1 training system. All of the online material was
    available immediately. Do the meal plan and things like that just get
    mailed to my house, or am I just oblivious to how I am supposed to access
    it? Thanks in advance!

  18. Chris Illssbilsworth

    Just did is.. had a few issues, but felt good. I’d suggest reminding people
    of the waist band loosen tip, every time.

    PS> Washboard Wednesdays are Washboard Thursdays for me out here in Taiwan.

  19. The same thing happened to me but I quickly raised my hand in front of me
    and the band stopped in mid air. Just like Neo and the bullets 

  20. Alejandro Capitan

    Oh man I can work the abs without getting on the fucking ground. My life
    had just improved. Tanks

  21. What if you have no bar like that to tie it 2? I have a pull up bar the
    kind that you attach onto the top of your door then take off when
    finished… but I dont know if it will work?

  22. Katherine Jaconello

    I guess I’ve missed the point on abs training altogether. Never could do
    much on the floor. I’m excited to try this today!

  23. eldominicano217

    you should go more in depth on how to do the excersizes properly just a
    30sec recap on each one would be fine

  24. Awsome jeff. To the person who had his band break. 1 your band could have
    been failing in the first place, be sure to inspect your bands regularly if
    using them. To element that problem all together use a cable pulley system.
    Another good standing ab workout are (steam engine) too easy? Take it to
    fail, or put your foot through your band, just take a better stance just
    for the fact of the band is going to be rubbing. Another good one is death
    marches with a band 

  25. Very useful video for adding to your home workout. Not a bad substitute
    when you don’t have time to go to the gym. Would be nice if you mentioned
    the different weights of the exercise bands you use. Would like to compare
    with the weight I use on the cable machine at the gym.

  26. Hey +Jeff Cavaliere, I have a workout request. I am a pretty big kid and
    i’m skinny with a decent amount of muscle. However, because i did a shitty
    job training equally, I look really misdeveloped in my chest area. What i
    mean is like.. My middle and inner chest is built well and my inner a
    little too well (i can do just about as many diamond pushups as i can
    regular) But my outer chest is like a cliff and its almost like it comes to
    a point at my nipple on the sides. It looks really weird but I am in good
    shape, I can bench my own bodyweight (160). I guess I just need a really
    good WORKOUT that is mainly for your OUTER CHEST. Please read and help!

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