Ultimate Fat-Burning AB Workout!!

Ultimate Fat-Burning AB Workout!!

Heres an Intense Ab Workout with Bikini Model Vicky Justiz. This workout will strengthen your core, burn fat, and help you get a lean sexy stomach. You’ll lo…
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Get ripped abs fast: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rddQ In today’s video, we are going to do an awesome ab workout that is going to hit the hard to develop, lo…

50 thoughts on “Ultimate Fat-Burning AB Workout!!”

  1. Just did this workout and wow!!!! very intense and deaf got my heart rate
    up going to do this 5 times a week thank you!

  2. Great Great Body you have omg! gonna have to follow your advice THANK YOU
    so Much for this video and taking your time

  3. What a great workout, i cant wait to use it, You look fantastic in a
    bikini, you’ve got my vote…

  4. You definitely have my dream body. U have muscle but not too much muscle.
    Im thin. I just have.belly fat. I need to burn that fat to show off my abs.
    But its hard..

  5. i feel like i might die after this work out.ill give it a shot though.keep
    up the good work !!!!

  6. I have to say, this workout is fantastic, but, you are awesome, seriously,
    stunning, perfect shape and super beauty. I know this sound too much, but,
    I saw your video and immediatly this thoughts came to me. hahaha nicely

  7. amazing!!! must say you make it look easier then what it is, it takes a lot
    to keep up with you 🙂 great role model tho excellent motivation!!!

  8. what kind of shoes is he wearing. I really need to have those shoes for my
    workouts at home bad.

  9. Basically the key to gettings abs is building muscle, burning fat, eating
    healthy, and doing very little ab excercises, that’s what I did and I’ve
    suceeded, thanks Mike!

  10. Thanks for this vid, but is there any specific exercises focusing mainly on
    obliques? I mean i cant really get rid of my love handles… Please tackle
    some appropriate exercises for it. Thanks.Godbless!

  11. Silverballer45ACP

    Yup, I think I’ll give it a shot. I need more lower abs. I never see these
    kind of videos and I had no idea about what excercises were good for Lower
    abs (Y) Thanks Dude!

  12. Whenever he counts and dies his exercises it kind of sounds like a demon is
    coming out of him

  13. hello mr. mike can u plz send some videos for stomac n belly fat burn as
    soon as possible n workout for butt making small

  14. Love the hip thrust great idea! As far as the hang leg raise I’ve been doin
    those for a while started just straight and slow , then twist slow , then
    straight slow but extending my knees back and hips forward to use the full
    range and now I’m starting to do hanging wipers(knees tucked1st) also feel
    free to switch between knee tucked ,extended and even ankle weights to
    increase resistance. train hard!!!

  15. Great workout for my abs. I have a hard time working on abs, because I’m
    stuck for life with a fractured tailbone. So, for me, its hard to find a
    workout for my abs.

  16. ive recently lost 50 pounds and almost have abs, all i need is to loose my
    little lower belly fat. please make more vids focusing the lower abs or
    tell me some things i can do to loose the lower fat quicker.

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