This diet has periods throughout the day where you are burning fat and there are periods where you are building muscle. The diet: Intermittent fasting- pick an 8 hour window to eat, then don’t…
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  1. Three things I’d like to note.
    1. If your goal is primarily to burn fat, don’t over do your cheat meal
    after your workout. If you eat more calories than you’ve burned throughout
    the day you won’t burn fat. If your goal is primarily to build muscle, your
    cheat meal can be as much as you want.
    2. You’re post workout meal doesn’t have to be a cheat meal, there are
    other things that spike insulin such as fruit smoothies and orange juice.
    3. Try to eat 1 gram of protein per lean body mass. That is what your
    weight would be if you didn’t have fat on your body. You can find out at
    one of the machines at GNC what that is. You can also estimate. My lean
    body mass, and weight are about the same. A medium chicken breast is about
    30 grams of protein so that should give you an idea of how much you need.

  2. Love small youtube channels. They explain better then the bigger ones and
    actually answer your questions! 

  3. Hey so you can eat ANYTHING after workouts? And for your video “…Burn fat
    12 Times faster…” Does it burn fat all over the body? Thanks for

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