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Join CJ and friends as they burn calories in this revolutionary kids and teens workout DVD. It’s a fun fat-burning workout that will make you preform better,…

7 thoughts on “TUNISIAN KIDS WORKOUT [2]”

  1. YES baby!!! kids need to see other kids their own age to help motivate them
    to work-out, he’s doin something that has never been done before so haters
    gonna hate, I can’t believe anyone would actually give this a thumbs down,
    fuckin losers!!!! btw, you can hate all day, you aint doin nothin but
    wastin yo time cuz this kid is gonna SHINE!!!!!!!!

  2. Workout kids are not watching stupid video clips and buy useless DVDs. They
    just avoid TV, Play station and computers, junk food and convenience
    products. But the message is: BUY, BUY, BUY… MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!

  3. Keep doing what you do best kid. A lot of people on yahoo only see the
    color of your skin, I see your dedication and hardwork.

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