TRX- Lower Body Breakdown “Toning & Sculpting”

View TRX Pro Pack Here! (0:30)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:51)- Squat (1:58)- Step Side-Lunge (3:08)- Crossing Body Lunge (4:25)- Addu…

(0:28)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:42)- Floor Wipers (1:58)- Medicine Ball Floor Crunch (3:16)- Advanced Side Oblique Crunch (4:19)- Toe-Driver (5:26)- Standing …
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50 thoughts on “TRX- Lower Body Breakdown “Toning & Sculpting””

  1. You are extremely hot, but at times your body looks very flabby. Maybe its
    just me. I still love you tho. lol Thanks for your dedication to us 🙂

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  3. @parkourip That not true at all. They’re great to use in the morning, as
    the same after workout, cause you want to gain your protein QUICKLY, to
    start repairing / feeding your muscles. Natural food will take quite some
    time to break down to gain that energy, whilst Protein supplements are
    already “broken down” and go straight into your muscles, get your facts
    right before you post comments that arn’t correct.

  4. @Snowboarderrrrrrr again, it’s not the right way of thinking. If he’d say
    he presses 110kg on the bench press, 100kg would probably still be too
    heavy whereas if he does a dumbbell curl with 15kg and you trx it with 5kg
    it would be too low. You can find out your ideal weights by yourself
    though: just do the exercices and stay in the 6-8 reps range. If you manage
    to do more than 8: go heavier, less than 6 reps: use lighter weights. Hope
    it helps..

  5. Hey does anybody reccomend any good protein for gaining muscles ? im 15 and
    living in ireland

  6. You mean the definition of the obliques so that it appears to separate from
    the pelvic bone? I believe it is a mixture of oblique/abs exercise, good
    dieting and cardio. Fat covers the definition, by lowering your body fat it
    should accentuate this oh so admired definition 🙂

  7. It would be a shame for you not to burn fat when these other normal people
    accomplish it easily with Fat Blast Blueprint (Google it).

  8. @pkidro because youre lifting all your bodyweight with ab excercises, that
    is alot of weight. you cant lift your weight with your chest, doesnt work
    as well

  9. well i did unsub to this douche anyway, He never answers any questions and
    only replies if you point out something wrong and he tries to get smart
    about it. Also all his exercises are wayyyy too much, you have to be on
    steroids to do all the crap he does.

  10. EctomorphProgress

    then you need to hit your lower abs, try laying on your back put your feet
    in the air and then lower them slowly to the ground then back up, you can
    hold on to something with your arms. and u can also have a friend push down
    your feet so it makes a lil harder, and then also lower your legs down
    across your body to hit those side obliques even more

  11. howaboutthatsuckah

    With all this screaming going on I’m amazed to see that he hasn’t popped a
    vein yet.. Wild shit.

  12. @mauri85zzio Man dude your kickass. Good job making a point. Now lets see
    you do the weight he can do on either exercise. You would probably break
    your neck dropping the bench press bar on your neck because its so heavy.
    You cant say crap until you can prove something. Your probably some idiot
    thinking hes tough crap on the internet. Keep typing while Scott keeps
    getting stronger.

  13. scott will never answer that cuz he doest know what hes doing. maybe some
    bullshit like you dont want to cause hypertrophy in them. nothing profound

  14. Hey scott I had a difficult time keeping the medicine ball between my feet,
    would it be a different stress on my abs if i positioned the ball between
    my knees?

  15. @jsvlad Ab ripper x is much better. i tried doing this workout and didn’t
    feel a burn even more than half way thru.. sorry .. im just reporting the
    facts .. good luck

  16. half of the exercies arent for the oblique muscles, they are general ab
    exercises… dont know why its called obliques for freaks…

  17. No but if they dont you are always going to have to be like 8% bf for them
    to show. And if you want to continuously be putting on muscle mass for most
    of your life your bf% is going to have to be higher than that therefore you
    will not be able to see your abs as well. It will be like they are not even
    there. Do you see the problem?

  18. Yo ive been doing situps for months but i only got 2 top muscles under my
    chest is it abs and if it is what do i do

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